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Is Snitching Part Of Gang Culture???

Is Snitching Part Of Gang Culture???

Is snitching part of the gang culture? In this very revealing interview with a former gang member/ business entrepreneur, Bro. Khonsu Sheshmu Amun, the hosts of Hip Hop Uncensored Podcast, O’God and Sam Ant discuss the “No Snitch” code of ethics. Also, Bro. Darrin Marin joined the conversation.

Is Tekashi really snitching or not?

Rapper Tekashi 69 is in the midst of one of the most sensational trials. As a witness against his former Nine Trey Gangsta Blood gang Tekashi is telling everything. The notorious NTGB alleged gang members, Anthony ‘ Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack are on trial for violating the RICO act. Tekashi is the key witness against the NTGB gang. And, Tekashi’s testimony has been very damaging for the NTGB.

Not to mention, Tekashi implicates other famous rapper like, Cardi B, Jim Jones, Casanova and Trippie Redd. But is Tekashi snitching part of the gang lifestyle? Or is what Tekashi doing part of his responsibility to his gang affiliation?

Live discussion on snitching phenomenon

On a live discussion on the Uncensored Podcast Bro. Khonsu and Bro. Darrin were guest. As the conversation began to unfold hosts of the podcast, O’God and Sam Ant asked questions that we all would like to have the answers to. Bro. Khonsu spoke very candidly about his former involvement as a gang member in the city of Chicago long ago. Bro. Khonsu was able to enlighten the men on snitching being part of the gang culture.

Of course, this was mind blowing, to say the least. Especially, to those who doing know much about the life of street gangs.  To hear that Tekashi probably should have kept his mouth close and never snitched was interesting. On the other hand, it was shocking to know that snitching was part of the gang culture. Overall, this is a must see interview for viewers.


Check out the video above for more live discussion

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