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YFN Lucci Stabbed In Jail, Wants Out!!!!

YFN Lucci Stabbed In Jail, Wants Out!!!!

YFN Lucci says he was stabbed while behind bars and wants out. According to TMZ, that’s what the jailed rapper is alleging.

YFN Lucci Claims He Was Stabbed, Asks Judge To Free Him

YFN Lucci was stabbed while he is being detained.

At least, that’s what the rapper (real name Rayshawn Lamar Bennett) is claiming.

YFN Lucci is now awaiting trial for murder while being held at the Fulton County Jail.

In an exclusive report from TMZ, the singer/songwriter is desperate to get out of the slammer.

Why? Because he literally thinks he may die while he’s in there.

legal documents say that the rapper is alleging that a fellow inmate came at him and stabbed him last month.

According to him, the incident took place last month, while he was on a video call with a person on the outside.

Using a homemade shank, he was stabbed from behind.

Additionally, he believes he is still in imminent danger because he thinks that the inmates currently have a bounty on his head.

This all went down on February 9th.

As a result, YFN Lucci is asking a judge to grant him a bond so he can get the hell outta jail, according to TMZ.

In exchange for him getting out, he is willing to have 24-hour home confinement and also wear a device.

Where or not that happens is up in the air.

After all, he’s facing a murder case and is behind bars because he violated a previous bond.

Will he get a second chance?

Only time will tell.

yfn stabbed while in jail

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