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Update: Tasha Must Pay Cardi B Or Else

Update: Tasha Must Pay Cardi B Or Else

Update: Tasha Must Pay Cardi B Or Else. No matter what Tasha must pay. Even if she has to take out a loan.

A Georgia Judge Ordered Tasha To Pay $4M Now

Update: Tasha Must Pay Cardi B Or Else. Latasha Kebe is the famous YouTuber who got into trouble.

She made some false accusations about rapper Cardi B. As a result, Cardi sued her for defamation.

Cardi won the lawsuit. Therefore, Tasha was ordered to pay her. The actual case started back in 2019.

After going back in forth a decision was made. Needless to say, Tasha claimed she does not have the $4m.

But Cardi’s attorney’s kept fighting to get Cardi’s money. We just received the update.

Judge William M. Ray is going to allow Tasha secure “supersedeas bond.”

This would cover the full amount owed to Cardi, as reported by Complex. It appears this sort of bond will cause a delay. Here is what a “supersedeas bond” is,

 This type of bond, aka “defendant’s appeal bond,” is typically issued by private lenders; it allows petitioners to delay paying a full judgement during the appeal process. If Tasha K’s efforts are unsuccessful and her appeal is denied, the secured bond will be overturned to Cardi.”

After receiving this information, Tasha allegedly is relieved. Not only that, but some sources report she is allegedly bragging.

In other words, Tasha may be under the impression she is off the hook. Also, some say, she moved from Georgia.

It could be an attempt to keep the judge from enforcing the ruling. Personally, I don’t think she can escape the judgement.

At some point, Tasha will pay some money. Of course, it may not be all Cardi is asking.

Does Tasha realize her commentary was hurtful. In this case, she is going to pay for it. As always, we will keep you posted.

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