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Troy Ave Surrenders And Begins His One Year Sentence

Troy Ave Surrenders And Begins His One Year Sentence

Troy Ave Surrenders And Begins His One-Year Sentence. Brooklyn rapper has surrendered himself to authorities and has begun serving a one-year term for his involvement in the 2016 Irving Plaza shooting. An incident that took place during a T.I. concert resulted in the death of his bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter. Troy Ave, whose real name is Roland Collins, faced charges of attempted murder, reckless endangerment, and illegal weapon possession.

Troy Ave Surrenders: One-Year Term for 2016 Irving Plaza Shooting

Troy Ave Surrenders And Begins His One-Year Sentence.

After a lengthy legal battle, Troy Ave has finally surrendered himself to the authorities.

He will begin serving a one-year term for his role in the 2016 Irving Plaza shooting, as stated by Yahoo.

While attending a concert, a shooting occurred during a concert headlined by famous rapper T.I., where chaos erupted in the venue.

At the time of the incident, Taxstone was allegedly caught on surveillance footage firing a gun into a crowded area.

This alleged shootout led to the death of Troy Ave’s bodyguard, Ronald’ Banga’ McPhatter.

Taxstone’s fingerprints were allegedly found on the weapon that killed McPhatter.

Initially, Troy Ave was facing charges of attempted murder; Troy Ave reached a plea deal with the prosecution.

As part of the agreement, he pleaded guilty to charges of attempted weapon possession. Therefore, Troy will spend at least one year in prison.

Fortunately, Troy could prevent the more serious charges he was initially accused of.

According to XXL Mag, Troy shared his thoughts with fans,


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Keep in mind that Troy could be released sooner than one year. His attorney, John B. Stella, mentions,

“Roland was sentenced on 2/9/24 to 1 year jail on his plea to attempted criminal possession of a weapon in the 2nd degree,” the statement reads. “Under the law he must serve 8 months to satisfy that sentence. Since he previously spent almost 2 months in jail before he made bail, the remaining balance of time he must serve is a little over 6 months.”

In the meantime, Troy appears to be optimistic about serving his time. But at the same time, he is apprehensive about what to expect while in prison.

Sadly, his friend McPhatter lost his life that fateful day. So, Troy is left with grieving him, all while serving out this sentence. As for Taxstone, he is serving out an alleged 35-year sentence for the fatal shooting.

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