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TD Jakes’ Former Mentee Exposes Church Grooming

TD Jakes’ Former Mentee Exposes Church Grooming

TD Jakes’ Former Mentee Reveals Church Grooming. In a shocking turn of events, a former mentee of renowned pastor TD Jakes has come forward with explosive allegations of church grooming. The unnamed individual, who had been under Jake’s guidance for several years, recently exposed what they claim to be a disturbing pattern of manipulation inside the church. This sheds light on why some people and onlookers drag Bishop Jakes.

Unveiling the Disturbing Truth: Insider Exposes Grooming In The Church

TD Jakes’ Former Mentee Exposes Church Grooming.

According to the former mentee’s account, Bishop Jakes chose him to mentor him.

Reports by Yahoo News try to explain why Black Internet is dragging Bishop TD Jakes.

Prophet Manasseh Jordan is a respected voice in the Black Church.

So, many people will believe this account of what ‘grooming’ entails.

As it relates to those mentees who are selected by clergy to mentor.

For many years, the Black Church was a hub for many who needed refuge.

But lately, the Black Church has come under fire for one issue or another.

Things such as alleged lavish lifestyles, money-grabbing schemes, sexual harassment, and unholy behavior.

For this reason, many have turned their backs on clergy and the church in general.

After all, who wants to be associated with scandal, especially from the church?

Nevertheless, Jordan seeks to explain what happens in the grooming process.

However, he stops short of allegedly accusing Bishop Jakes of grooming him.

He did not rule out that Bishop Jakes may have groomed others.

Some of what occurs during grooming are alleged manipulations of the mentee’s emotions.

And alleged isolation and exploitation of trust which is placed on the mentee.

This can make it difficult for the mentee to seek counsel from anyone else except the mentor.

This becomes problematic because it leads the mentee to trust an abusive mentor.

At any rate, Jordan describes a systematic pattern where Bishop Jakes could allegedly gain control over the mentee.

They are making it increasingly difficult for them to question or dissent.

That sort of manipulation causes mentees to claim and leaves them emotionally scarred and with a deep sense of betrayal.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

bishop td jakes vs mannash

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