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Suge Knight Claims He Once Funded Deion Sanders ‘Rap Career’

Suge Knight Claims He Once Funded Deion Sanders ‘Rap Career’

Suge Knight Claims He Once Funded Deion Sanders’ Rap Career.’ Deion Sanders is widely recognized as one of the greatest athletes of all time, excelling on the football field and the baseball diamond. However, what many people may not know is that Sanders also had a brief stint as a rapper, and it was none other than music mogul Surge Knight who decided to invest in his rap career. Surprisingly, this investment decision was made by Knight while he was serving time in prison.

Insights from Prison: Surge Knight’s Reflection on Backing Deion Sanders’ Rap Journey

Suge Knight Claims He Once Funded Deion Sanders’ Rap Career.’

Sitting behind bars allowed Suge Knight the opportunity for introspection and contemplation.

During this time, he reflected on his various business ventures and choices.

Knight is in the spotlight after creating a new podcast from behind bars.

During his recent interview on ‘The Daily Cannon Show” podcast, Suge revealed a lot.

Including his investment in Deion Sanders’ rap career, as stated by Hip Hop DX.

Sanders allegedly asked for Knight’s assistance with his rap career.

According to Complex, Knight claims he spent $500K to back Sanders.

He saw that Sanders had raw talent and could make a career in hip-hop.


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But “Prime Time’s” rap career was short-lived, as he continued to play sports.

Even so, Knight claims he alleged worked tirelessly on Sanders’s image.

To the point where he hired iconic producer Dallas Austin.

But as things would have it, Sander’s allegedly signed a deal with Jimmy Lovine.

Or that is what Knight is alleging happened.

So far, neither Sanders nor Lovine have commented on Knight’s claims.

Although you may remember, Deion Sanders did have a popular rap song in the 90s.

However, as Knight reminisces on his choice, he also conveys a sense of caution and hindsight.

He acknowledges that investing in Deion Sander’s career was a gamble.

The transition from athlete to rap artist is often met with skepticism and criticism.

As we all know, Sanders went on to have a spectacular career in the NFL.

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