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Singer Usher Receives Backlash For Visiting Russell Simmons

Singer Usher Receives Backlash For Visiting Russell Simmons

Singer Usher Receives Backlash For Visiting Russell Simmons. During his vacation, Usher and his new bride stopped to visit Simmons. The media has put the spotlight on their joyful union. But because Russell alleged sexual misconduct, it was not good for Usher to be with him.

Usher Gets Blasted For Visit With Russell Simmons In Bali

Singer Usher Receives Backlash For Visiting Russell Simmons. Embattled music mogul Russell Simmons makes headline news. It was his friend Usher’s visit that caused a stir.

Photos of Usher and Russell have gone viral, as stated by TMZ. You would think that a visit between friends is not newsworthy.

However, because of Russell’s current sexual abuse allegations, that was not the case. Fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and blasted the singer. Both Russell and Usher have been mentioned in recent news.

Russell is allegedly facing sexual misconduct by a former Def Jam video producer. This alleged sexual misconduct occurred in the 1990s.

A complaint against Russell was filed in Federal Court on Feb. 12, 2024, as stated by Billboard. Jane Doe is not using her given name in the alleged lawsuit against Russell.

She claims that if she were to reveal her identity, it would be devastating. Her alleged complaint claims Russell raped her during a visit to his apartment.

Because of the ongoing investigation against Russell, Usher’s fans are upset about his visit. Therefore, people and fans of Usher posted their issues with the visit.

This did not stop Russell from sharing how thankful he was to Usher. This is what Russell shared about Usher,

“When i was at the lowest point in my life i woke up and this man was sitting by my bed .. i had known usher since he was a kid but we really bonded because of our mutual love for self discovery and our belief in Yogic science as a direct route to realizing Gods conciousness in ourselves.”

From Russell’s post, we can assume that he is concerned about these current sexual allegations. Reports by The Source shared that Usher was participating in Russell’s yoga class.

You can see photos of the two men enjoying the workout. Usher and Russell allegedly share the same spiritual background. So, that was why Usher was in the yoga class.

Nevertheless, some people are up in arms about the joyful union.

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