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Rap Pioneer Kidd Creole On Trial For Murder

Rap Pioneer Kidd Creole On Trial For Murder

Rap Pioneer Kidd Creole On Trial For Murder. Kidd Creole was part of the legendary Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. The rap group was famous in the early 80s.

Did Kidd Creole Deliberately Kill Someone?

Rap Pioneer Kidd Creole On Trial For Murder. The incident with Nathaniel”Kidd Creole” Glover occurred back in 2017.

Allegedly, Glover was in an altercation with John Jolly, Jolly was a 55-year-old- man who may have been homeless. Glover is accused of stabbing Jolly.

As a result of the stabbing, Jolly later died at the hospital, as reported by Rolling Stone. The next day Glover was arrested. He was charged with second-degree murder.

The hip-hop legend has been incarcerated at Rikers Island. Last Friday, Glover was in court for the beginning of his trial. His case is being heard in the Manhattan Supreme Court.

During opening statements, it was revealed Glover was not in danger. Therefore, his stabbing the Jolly was not necessary.

Authorities in the case mentioned it is possible Glover was motivated by homophobia. Although Glover does not deny stabbing Jolly, he believes he acted in self-defense.

According to Glover’s attorney, the odds are against him because he is black. However, there may not be any merit to his allegations.

In the open statement, Prosecutor Mark Dahl said,

“I should have just kept going, “It’s all my fault, as I chose to stab him. I have to take responsibility for that.”

These were Glover’s actual words in his statement to authorities. And, Glover did not stop at saying this. Unfortunately, these words may have sealed his fate.

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (Official Video)


Furthermore, Glover’s words seemed to make his case much worst. Because after the incident he went to work.

Additionally, Glover allegedly cleaned off the kitchen knife in the bathroom at work. To top it off, Glover did not report the incident to the authorities.

Instead, Glover left work and went home as if nothing had happened.

Who Was Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5?

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 were a hip-hop group in the 1980s. One of their songs “The Message” caused them to have royalty status.

It was virtually unheard of to talk about the reality of those who lived in the so-called ghetto. But “The Message” was one of those hip-hop songs that captured the essence of alleged “Ghetto Life.”

Certainly, there were other music artists who talked about dire straights in the United States’ so-called “Ghettos.”

According to Wiki, the song provided a political and social commentary and went on to become a driving force behind conscious hip-hop.

Shortly after, conscious rap became mainstream. Even today, rappers such as Donald Glover, continue to speak about the social and political ills of Black life.

grandmaster flash 7 the furious five

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