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Philly Rapper Phat Geez Fatally Shot

Philly Rapper Phat Geez Fatally Shot

Philly Rapper Phat Geez Fatally Shot. Rising Philadelphia rapper Phat Geez tragically lost his life in a fatal shooting, sending shockwaves through the local hip-hop community. The young artist, known for his raw lyrics and charismatic stage presence, had made a name for himself in the music industry before his death. As fans and fellow musicians reel from the news, authorities are working to piece together the events that led to this heartbreaking incident.

Rising Philly Rapper Phat Geez Tragically Killed

Philly Rapper Phat Geez Fatally Shot.

Derrick Gant, 28, was fatally shot in his hometown of Philadelphia, as stated by WHYY News. The shooting occurred in the 1200 block of North Taney Street, as noted by Fox 29 News.

Gunshots were heard at around 10 pm on Sunday night. When police arrived, they allegedly found Phat Geez, who had been shot multiple times.

Local police are not investigating what led up to Phat Geez being gunned down.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but he was pronounced dead. His new single ‘No Gun Zone’ has recently dropped.

Known for his storytelling abilities, Geez had been steadily building a following in the hip-hop scene.

Rapper Meek Mill And Others Sent Heartfelt Messages

Friends and collaborators of Phat Geez have taken to social media to express their grief and disbelief at his passing.

Veteran Philly rapper Meek Mill took to social media to share this, “Rip phat geez…Philly is a terrible place for black people to live…you see too much death!!! Smh”

Saudia Shuler, a local entrepreneur and owner of ‘Country Cookin’, posted this message to Phat Geez’s IG, “I love you so much. I wasn’t your real aunt, but I felt like I was. I’m sick to my stomach. You called and checked on me more than any of my Sonson friends. She went on to say some very awesome things about Phat Geez.”

As a performer, Phat Geez performed at local venues, spreading hope and healing.

His sudden death has left many in the community devastated as they mourn the loss of a promising young talent.

Sadly, he will be a victim of the gun violence he rapped about stopping.

As the news spreads, the music world is left to grapple with the senseless violence that took the life of a rising star.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

rapper phat geez shot

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