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Kodak Black: Reflecting On Drug Use & Recovery

Kodak Black: Reflecting On Drug Use & Recovery

Kodak Black: Reflecting On Drug Use & Recovery. The Florida-based rapper, known for his unique flow and catchy tunes, has been open about his struggles with drug addiction throughout his career. From his early days in the music industry to his rise to stardom, Kodak’s battle with substance abuse has been a constant presence in his life. In recent years, however, he has taken steps towards recovery, sharing his journey with fans to inspire others to seek help and make positive changes in their lives.

Kodak Black’s Struggle with Drug Addiction

Kodak Black: Reflecting On Drug Use & Recovery.

Bill Kapri admits he has struggled with drugs throughout the years. And, after his last about with the law, he is doing better. As we all know, Kodak was stopped by police and arrested.

At the time, police allegedly found Kodak with a white substance thought to be Cocaine. However, upon further investigation, it was alleged Oxycodone. Kodak was arrested that day.

He spent nearly two months in prison, as stated by Complex. However, he was released. His attorney, Bradford Cohen, got the charges against Kodak dropped.

The Oxycodone found on Kodak was allegedly prescribed by his doctor. For this reason, Kodak was allowed to go free. Since then, Kodak has been reflecting on his life.

On April 6, 2024, Kodak posted on his Instagram about his alleged addiction. It was shocking to hear Kodak claim he used over 100 Percocets, as stated by Hot New Hip Hop.

And he shared that, ultimately, he would take up to 40 pills. Check out what Kodak shared,


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The Path To Recovery: A Personal Journey

As Kodak was quick to admit, he realizes his road to recovery will not be easy. But he is feeling better than ever before, so it is worth his taking the time to work on his health.

Also, when you are not under the influence of drugs, you have more clarity. Ultimately, that is the goal for those in recovery. The idea of recovery is to restore and re-discover a life without drugs.

In addition, creating a new way of life can be very inspiring. After several run-ins with the law, it’s time to make a change. Kodak can have the support of his family.

Because having supportive family and friends is crucial in the recovery process, Kodak did not say whether he is attending any outpatient rehab.

It does appear Kodak is committed to changing his life style to become more productive.

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