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Meek Mill Was Attacked In Ghana

Meek Mill Was Attacked In Ghana

Meek Mill Was Attacked In Ghana. The video footage of wild crowds surfaced. And, Mill has to fight to get to the stage.

Meek Mill’s Phone Was Also Stolen

Meek Mill Was Attacked In Ghana. He was in Ghana to perform for the Afro Nation Concert.

However, there was massive crowds in attendance.The concert goers were really rowdy.

In fact, Meek was seen fighting to get through the massive crowd. In the process he was grabbed by a concert goer.

Also, Meek’s cell phone was taken from his pocket.I t was pure pandemonium.


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It was frightening to see Meek fight his way through the people. His body guards tried to make room for him, as reported by XXL Mag.

But the some how people were pulling at him. Eventually, Meek was able to get free. You can also see him climbing onto to a building.

Here is what Meek shared about the ordeal,

“They roughed me [the fuck] up but the love overpowered it,” He then said, “Almost went from dreams to nightmares quick. Lol.”

Having said this, Meek still had great things to say about his visit. In fact, the musicians in Ghana have embraced Meek.

Furthermore, word went out about his phone being stolen. A popular dance hall artist Shatta Wale jumped on Twitter.

Apparently, Shatta’s request worked. Afterward, Meek posted his performance. Overall, Meek seemed to enjoy his stay.

There are photos of him riding a dirt bike with friends. Needless to say, Meek might have to beef up his security team.

Especially if he is going to be in large crowds. Perhaps, some of the crowd meant no harm.

Unfortunately, some of the others got a little out of hand. On another note, Meek just paid bail for 20 women in Philadelphia prisons.

By him doing so, some of the women got to spend Christmas at home. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

In this case, I am glad Meek did not get seriously hurt.

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