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Snoop Dogg Rejects $100M OnlyFans Deal

Snoop Dogg Rejects $100M OnlyFans Deal

Snoop Dogg Rejects $100M OnlyFans Deal. In a shocking turn of events, rap icon Snoop Dogg has made headlines again, this time for declining a staggering $100 million deal from the adult content platform OnlyFans. Known for his unapologetic and boundary-pushing persona, fans were astounded by his unexpected choice. So, what led Snoop to reject such a lucrative offer? Let’s take a closer look.

Snoop Dogg Declines $100M OnlyFans Deal

Snoop Dogg Rejects $100M OnlyFans Deal.

The Grammy-nominated rapper and entrepreneur recently made waves when he turned down a jaw-dropping $100 million offer from OnlyFans. The platform, known for its explicit adult content, was seeking to tap into Snoop’s massive following and notorious reputation.

However, the artist surprised everyone by walking away from what would have been an immense payday. According to the Source, Snoop revealed that his decision to decline the deal was personal.

Despite his sometimes controversial image, Snoop has always been careful to cultivate a multidimensional persona. But Snoop was not willing to create a platform on the popular app.

He spoke about the Onlyfans offer on the Instagram live series Wake & Bake with Double Express. During the interview, Snoop claimed he was not willing to show his ‘penis’ for alleged profit, as stated by People.

Especially since his wife, Shante, his manager, would not approve. And it would be disrespectful to expose his lower extremities to the Onlyfans platform.

Snoop has a great deal of respect for his wife and what they are building. Otherwise, to decline an alleged $100 million-dollar offer would be ludicrous.

In addition, Snoop admitted his wife has always been a behind-the-scenes manager. Calvin and Shante Broadus had a vision for their lives, which included his career.

As we can all see, Snoop and Shante have been very successful in fulfilling their dreams.

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