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Maj Toure Shares His Thoughts On Ja Morant

Maj Toure Shares His Thoughts On Ja Morant

Maj Toure Shares His Thoughts On Ja Morant. Also, Charleston White’s comments came under fire.  What Maj said was interesting.

Maj Toure Comments About Ja Morant’s Situation

Maj Toure Shares His Thoughts On Ja Morant. Ja Morant’s brandishing a gun in a video on Instagram went viral. And, all hell broke loose against him., as reported by Forbes.

As always, people have their opinions. And, hip hop commentators O’God & SamAnt addressed the situation. An expert on guns Maj Toure talked about Ja Morant’s dilemma.

Ja Morant received backlash for a photo of him holding a gun. When the NBA saw the photo Ja was suspended. As a result, commentary about his predicament is trending.

The Memphis Grizzlie’s point guard is in big trouble. More importantly, Ja could be face gun charges. According to UpRoxx, questions about how Ja got the gun are swirling.

Did Ja bring the gun on a flight. Apparently, the Grizzlies’ were at an away game playing the Denver Nuggets. This is when allegedly the video appeared.

As I mentioned, commentary on Ja’s issues made headline news. For this reason, Maj provides his perspective on the matter.

Maj’s point of few is one of great importance, After all, Maj is the leader of “The Black Guns Matter Movement.”

This movement headed by Maj serves to educate urban communities on their 2nd amendment rights, as reported by Tactical Play.

Also, “Black Guns Matter” informs us about the responsibility, training and education of guns.

As it relates, to our right to own firearms in the United States. That alone, is reason enough to interview Maj. Not to mention, Maj is a former hip hop MC.

Needless to say, Maj gave a very compelling response to the Ja Morant quandary.

Maj Toure Comments On Charleston White Horrific Words

He then addressed the Charleston White. Charleston made some alleged awful things about Math Hoffa’s young daughters. Where I come from Charleston would be annihilated.

It’s taboo to go after anyone’s children.Not only that, Charleston could be canceled for his comments. Of course, it’s not the first time Charleston said some alleged awful thing.

Therefore, I am not surprised about Charles allegedly saying,“ I hope your daughter gets molested “ Apparently, this is why Math Hoffa went in hard on Charleston, as reported by Hip Hop DX.

Now, Maj has some words for Charleston, as well.

maj toure

Check out the video above for more details.

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