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Jay-Z Cannabis Company Lawsuit

Jay-Z Cannabis Company Lawsuit

Jay-Z Cannabis Company Lawsuit. The company faces a multi-layered lawsuit. Let’s get into the claims brought up against them.

Jay-Z Cannabis Company Faces a Lawsuit

Jay-Z Cannabis Company Lawsuit. According to, Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter could get sued.

Unfortunate, his cannabis company Monogram is accused of multiple wrongdoings. Allegedly, Monogram illegally shipped marijuana from California to New York.

As well as, filing false documents, and showing gender prejudice. Monogram’s housed by The Parent Company (TPCO), and former VP Cathi Clay initiated the claims.

For context, she alleges that she experienced unfair treatment due to her gender. And the company took action against her following her reports.

The reports include state cannabis regulations violations, and financial discrepancies. Of course, a spokesperson for SFGate denies all claims.

Well, the documents include a lengthy list of claims against the Jay-Z owned brand. According to the lawsuit:

  • TPCO executives were “aggressive, demeaning, and publicly questioned Ms. Clay’s abilities” and Chief Financial Officer Mike Batesole “made many inappropriate comments about women, hiring ‘housewives’ to perform accounts payable, people of color and skill sets of employees.”
  • Clay was reprimanded after warning executives that filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 2021 and 2022 were inaccurate.
  • Monogram-branded cannabis products were illegally sent “to New York for a Monogram event with Shawn Carter.”

Certainly, this isn’t Carters’ first experience with business litigations. Recently, his popular liquor brand D’Usse reached an agreement with Bacardi in their legal battle.

As a result, Bacardi gained a majority interest in the multimillion dollar company. Ultimately, the buzz surrounding this lawsuit isn’t much, so the ordeal remains in the air.

Stay tuned for updates!

Jay-Z Cannabis Company

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