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Lil Reese Freed From Prison

Lil Reese Freed From Prison

Lil Reese Freed From Prison. Chicago rapper Lil Reese spent the past seven months in jail. Now, he’s officially released after fighting an assault case.

Rapper Lil Reese is Out Of Prison

Lil Reese Freed From Prison. According to reports, Tavares ‘Lil Reese’ Taylor was recently released from prison.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office explains that Taylor’s release took place on January 12.

Importantly, a pre-trial hearing took place the day before—which resulted in the dismissal of at least one charge against him.

For context, Lil Reese found himself arrested for a misdemeanor after allegedly assaulting a family member in May 2022. A woman believed to be his girlfriend alleged that he pulled her hair, and hit her in the face.

According to Harris County Jail records, he was also charged with an additional misdemeanor and two felonies. However, the documents didn’t detail the charges.

Seemingly, one case was pardoned with a GPE Sentence. Specifically, a Government Payment EXP—is a private company that collects court fees and fines by phone and online.

Also, such fines could be connected to his arrest, or payments included in the terms of his release under probation.

It’s important to note, we’re still not clear rather or not the payments have anything to do with his arrest.

So far, Reese hasn’t posted to his social media profiles yet. He appears to be keeping a low profile for now. Lastly, Reese’s team also has yet to speak out regarding the case. Stay tuned for updates!

Lil Reese Freed From Prison

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