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Beyoncé Would’ve Dated 2Pac?

Beyoncé Would’ve Dated 2Pac?

Beyoncé Would’ve Dated 2Pac? Goodie Mobb rapper Big Gipp thinks Tupac is all around better than Jay-Z. Could he have married Beyoncé?

Beyoncé Would’ve Dated 2Pac Instead of Jay-Z

Beyoncé Would’ve Dated 2Pac? According to Big Gipp, Jigga doesn’t hold a candle to Pac.

Following the recent top 50 rappers list, he fired shots at Jay. According to the list, Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter holds the number one spot.

While Tupac sits a number four. Certainly, it’s impressive to see Pac still hold such a high ranking considering the myriad of talent that’s come after him.

Undoubtedly, he’s forever a G.O.A.T and Big Gipp is heavily advocating the facts.

Recently, he sat with the Art of Dialogue where he was questioned about the aforementioned greatest rappers list.

Here’s Gipps’ rebuttal:

“Only reason you inching JAY-Z past 2Pac is because he got gotdamn Beyoncé. You take Beyoncé away, he ain’t got shit. Bar for bar? Yeah, he might rap better than ‘Pac, but ‘Pac came with the heart. That’s different. It’s just different. You can’t beat that. You can never beat the heart, bro.”

Gipp Practically Slanders Jay-Z

Next, he brought up the inevitable LeBron vs MJ debate for reference. Essentially, his comments dive into why the two are indeed great—yet largely differ.

“Some people can be technical, just like the difference between Jordan and LeBron. Jordan, technical. That muthafucka technical. LeBron? Gangster. Goon shit. Two different styles. If ‘Pac was here, who do you think the girl would have been with? Hold up [laughs].”

Ultimately, he provides a list of things Tupac’s known for. And Carter apparently ‘could never.’

“You can’t do no movies,” he continued. “You can’t do what ‘Pac was doing. C’mon. How can you be better than ‘Pac? You one-shot Charlie. That boy was a triple threat. He did groups that was successful, solo albums that was successful and movies that was successful. Hands down. If he had lived, he would have smoked everything walking.”

Overall, Gipps’ sentiments are: but for the fact Jigga’s married to Bey; he’s just another part of the scenery.

He drives his point with:

“Pac didn’t need no money to make people look at him,” he added. “Pac was a star without the money. If I put these two individuals beside each other without the money, the little bald head man wins the game.”

As we can see, he’s ten toes behind 2Pac. Do you agree with his statements?

Beyoncé Would’ve Dated 2Pac
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