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Carl Crawford Speaks Out

Carl Crawford Speaks Out

Carl Crawford Speaks Out. Singer Tory Lanez was found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion. Now, her estranged label owner speaks out.

Carl Crawford Speaks Out On Tory Lanez Verdict

Carl Crawford Speaks Out. As previously, reported Tory Lanez was recently found guilty in the shooting of Megan.

Of course, the verdict received lots of backlash. Many people sided with Lanez and Megan alike.

Well, one person who appears to lean towards the side of Tory is Carl Crawford. The Canadian artist allegedly shot the Houston hottie in the foot back in 2020 following a misunderstanding.

Crawford seems to keep serious tabs on Meg and comments about everything she does.

Unsurprisingly, the 1501 label owner took to Instagram live and got more than a few things off his chest. Following Lanez’ guilty sentence to all three counts, Crawford had this to say:

“I knew they was gonna say that: I’m next,” he said laughing. “Aye bro, look: I hope I’m next ’cause, shit, it’s been four years. Man! That shit crazy. Damn, that shit wild than a muthafucka.”

Seemingly, the former MLB left fielder is blown away by the amount of time Lanez could

“A Black man finna go to jail for about 15-20 years, two days before Christmas,” Carl Crawford said. “God damn! That’s a cold one right there. That’s cold blooded. Now if a Black man don’t feel that shit, I mean… that’s cold. Every nigga I done called, we done all had the same reaction. I’ma just sit and let this one sit.”

He continues:

“His kids sick, his parents, grandmama sick, everybody sick,” he continued. “I saw his daddy talking out in front of the courthouse, that shit was coming from the pit! You see I’m lost for words myself. He won’t get to see his son for a long time. The whole thing just feel like some all around sinister shit.”

Furthermore, Thee Stallion remains signed to her estranged Houston-based label—but they won’t hash out their differences in court until Summertime in 2023, according to 1501 legal rep Steven Zager.

Carl Crawford Speaks Out

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