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Brittney Griner Declared Wrongfully Detained

Brittney Griner Declared Wrongfully Detained

Brittney Griner Declared Wrongfully Detained. Russian government arrested Brittney Griner due to maraijuan possession. Well, U.S. Government finally moves in.


Brittney Griner Declared Wrongfully Detained. It’s not uncommon for WNBA players to play overseas during the offseason.

Unfortunately, the increase in salary drives athletes overseas each offseason.

Well, that’s what the Phoenix Mercury star did. In the midst of traveling, she found herself in police custody.

The Russian govt accused her of smuggling marijuana in her luggage.

Of course, weed isn’t legal in Russia. Therefore, she’s been detained ever since.

Importantly, this offense can result in up to ten years in prison. Sadly, the incident occurred in the middle of a war between Russia and Ukraine.

As a result, officials requested that all parties maintain a low profile. But her WNBA counterparts stood with her in solidarity.

Not to mention, the masses quickly grew concerned with Brittney’s safety since she’s part of the LGBT community in a foreign place. Also noting if she were a top NBA star, the sense of urgency would likely be there.

Well, now the United States government confirms her imprisonment is wrong.

Therefore, the situation can now be handled more aggressively.

U.S. Government Stepping Up

According to ESPN, the U.S. plans to prioritize her release.

Without a doubt, this option gives the Baylor Alumni a better chance at a fair case.

Also, Griner’s team, family, and friends can speak about it more openly.

Luckily the Olympian keeps in touch with her legal team and her agent. They’ve done a good job keeping everyone abreast.

Recently, the Phoenix Mercury spoke briefly about wanting her to come home. Skylar Diggins had this to say:

“That’s my sister. I love her. I think about her everyday, and I can’t wait until she gets back here with us.”

It’s important to note Brittney hasn’t officially been charged, but her detention is extended through May 19.

Hopefully, the U.S. government can officially take the reigns.

U.S. Ambassador Bill Richardson worked to free U.S. Marine Trevor Reed. So Griner’s team will utilize him in this matter.

Allegedly, the WNBA agrees to continue paying her the $228,000 salary she’s used to. Also, they’ll bring in a temporary Center to play in her absence until she returns.

Subsequently, the league will continue prioritizing her case by placing “BG 42” on the floors of all their arenas.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more on this case.

Brittney Griner

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