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Blue Ivy Turns 10!

Blue Ivy Turns 10!

The firstborn child between Beyonce Giselle Knowles- Carter and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is 10 and we’re not ready! Blue Ivy, whose precious name is a blend of her father’s most successful work, and a number found most auspicious by her mother, has turned 10. Where did the time go?

Blue Ivy is Ten – Where Did The Time Go?

From conception, Blue Ivy was subject to what no other child was. Her mother’s pregnancy was called a farce, perhaps most notably by Wendy Williams. After this, she was referred to as artificial intelligence for years. People decided she was a fake baby and made several vines and skits about it.

By the time she was old enough to put her hands on her hips, haters online made petitions for Beyonce’ to “do her hair” to the point where the queen bey had to say in a song “I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros” in other words, Bey was styling Blue’s hair freely on purpose and who can shake a finger at it when Blue’s hair is clearly thriving all down her back with edges intact?

Big Sister Blue – A Mogul in the Making

The big sister of twins Sir and Rumi was subject to the most unfair and unworthy comparisons to the biracial North West, a child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. A child she’s never met and has literally nothing to do with.

Finally, when dance footage was revealed of Blue Ivy, we saw that the heiress is truly her mother’s daughter. She charmed the world with her vocal addition to “Brown Skin Girl” and published her own book.

The voice on this child had the internet in a chokehold for a week. The well-spoken and articulate child with her melodious speech went from being dragged all over the internet to being referred to as Beyonce’s manager and Jay-Z’s boss. Memes of her asserting herself as the heiress she is have entertained us for years.

Blue Ivy Carter: The Heiress

We have been caught completely off guard as the child who covered Beyonce’s mouth with her hand disapproving of her performance, came out standing nearly as tall as Beyonce in an Ivy Park Addidas campaign. Most of the public thought Rumi was Blue, and at first glance, that Blue was Beyonce’.

Jokes about the African American pre-teen’s looks have fallen hard in the faces of those that made her, as the child grows into Beyonce’s top-tier looks while spending all of Jay-Z’s money on art. Internet Aunties all of the global Bey-hive are all wishing their niece and princess of the hive, a very special, ad happy birthday.

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