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Chris Brown Calls Out NBA for All-Star Game Snub

Chris Brown Calls Out NBA for All-Star Game Snub

Chris Brown Calls Out NBA for All-Star Game Snub. Brown, the renowned singer, recently found himself in the spotlight for expressing frustration over the NBA All-Star Game disinvited him. The annual event, which brings together the biggest names in basketball and entertainment, is known for its star-studded performances during halftime and pre-game shows.

Chris Brown Expresses Frustration Over NBA All-Star Game Snub

Chris Brown Calls Out NBA for All-Star Game Snub.

In a series of tweets and Instagram posts, Chris Brown called out the NBA and Ruffles. They were alleging that both conspired to stop him from performing in the All-Star Celebrity game.

Chris was asked to play in the game; however, in an email, he was excluded. Instead of lining up with Steven A. Smith’s team, Chris was taken off the roster, as stated by Atlanta Black Star.

The singer, who has a massive fan following and a string of hit songs to his credit, expressed his disappointment after he received the news.

First off, why would the NBA ask Brown to be a player in the NBA All-Star Celebrity game, then switch up? Also, why would Ruffles allegedly participate in this debacle?

Chris was not the only one upset about this. His fans quickly showed their support, with many taking to social media. All of his fans expressed their disappointment over his exclusion.

Despite being snubbed by the NBA All-Star Game, Chris was not taking it lying down.

According to USA Today, Chris was allegedly disinvited from the league’s Celebrity All-Star game. It was allegedly because of his past domestic violence controversies.

As we all know, Chris was involved in a few alleged domestic violence allegations. The biggest one being the suspected assault of singer Rihanna.

Back in 2009, Chris pleaded guilty to allegedly assaulting Rihanna. He was sentenced to five years of probation, as stated by ENews.

In addition, Chris did around 180 hours of community service.

Is Chris Brown Has A Checkered Past Coming Back To Haunt Him

Sadly, Chris had other allegations of assault over the years.

For example, there was an alleged incident at a nightclub in New York (2012). Then, there was an incident in February 2012 where Chris allegedly snatched a cell from a woman.

This woman was allegedly trying to take a picture of the singer. Throughout the years, Chris has repeatedly been accused of alleging having issues with women.

These issues allegedly resulted in Chris getting into serious trouble. And he was able to either have cases dismissed or plead out.

Nevertheless, does his history dictate how he is currently being treated? As Chris mentioned in one of his social media posts,

“I was asked by the NBA to play in the all star game this year! Only for them to call later and say they couldn’t do IT because of their sponsors like RUFFLES. At this point I’m sick of people bothering me and I’m tired of living in the fucking past. I posted the emails so yall could see. The NBA still was tryna get me to come and sit court side… not f—king happening,” he wrote on Instagram.

He followed up that post with “I only go where I’m appreciated.”

Sadly, it appears Chris is indeed being unfairly treated by The NBA and Ruffles. Although, both the NBA and Ruffles have both issued a statement saying,

“In a statement to USA TODAY Sunday, Ruffles said while the chips company sponsored the NBA event, it “did not have any involvement in, nor visibility to, any player decisions or celebrity invite discussions.”

In a separate statement, the NBA also confirmed that Ruffles “had no input on the Celebrity Game rosters.”

People would beg to differ with both the NBA and Ruffles. If neither had anything to do with Chris not playing the game, why were they not allowed to do so?

You guessed it, one of these organizations is not being allegedly truthful. Some would suggest Chris’s proof is sufficient enough to call out both the NBA and Ruffles.

Are people ever going to forgive Chris for his alleged assault on Rihanna? Or will this issue continue to follow Chris his entire career? What say you? It is true,

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