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Jaguar Wright Accuses Common Of Sexual Assault!!!!

Jaguar Wright Accuses Common Of Sexual Assault!!!!

Jaguar Wright Accuses Common Of Sexual Assault. This is some very interesting news. Did Common really do what Jaguar is accusing him of?

Jaguar interview was explosive

Jaguar Wright accuses Common of sexual assault. By now most of us have heard the accusations. If any of this is true, rapper Common reputation could be ruined. Be that as it may, the Philadelphia singer could press charges against Common.

Not only that, but Jaguar had some harsh things to say about The Roots. A lot of this information came out during the interview with hosts of Hip Hop Uncensored (O’God and SamAnt). And, Jaguar’s claims are plastered all over news reports this week. Frankly, Jaguar’s allegations are shocking, to say the least.

With that said, here are some of the details about her claims. First check out what she said about Quest Love and Black Thought:

“Y’all all online talking about respect the family and this and that, but you didn’t respect your brother enough to come get him when he was doing bad,” Jaguar Wright said. “Y’all wasn’t trying to help him, y’all was telling people to turn their back on him while calling him a drug addict.”

Needless to say, Jaguar said a mouthful. She went on to blast Common in another interview. According to the Source, Jaguar did not hold anything back.

Jaguar held nothing back

In addition, Jaguar blasted Erika Badu and Jill Scott. However, what she said about Common was really an eye opener:

“Gotdamn Common, next thing I know we go to bed he like, ‘Oh, c’mon Jag.’ No, n*gga I’m tired. I was on the stage all night, I’ma lay down,” Wright says of one encounter. “I lay down in the bed with my clothes on. I’m a rape survivor, I know how to buy myself a little time. Just in case a n*gga try to get out of hand. You gotta pull my pants down. By the time you pull my pants down I’m hooking you off in your jaw.”

Of course, her comments were much more explicit. Now, whether any of Jaguar’s accusations are true or not remain to be seen. Especially, since  neither of the remaining members of he Roots (Quest Love or Black Thought ) have commented.  It appeared that Jaguar had a score to settle. I hope that these allegations are not true.

jaguar vs common

Check out the video above for more details.

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