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Bobby Shmurda Criticism of Hip Hop’s Influence on Children

Bobby Shmurda Criticism of Hip Hop’s Influence on Children

Bobby Shmurda Criticism of Hip Hop’s Influence on Children. Shmurda has always been one to speak his mind when it comes to the hip-hop industry. In a recent interview, he unleashed a scathing criticism of hip-hop’s influence on children. Shmurda expressed his concerns about the inappropriate content and negative messages promoted in today’s hip-hop music.

Bobby Shmurda Unleashes Scathing Criticism

Bobby Shmurda Criticism of Hip Hop’s Influence on Children.

Shmurda clarified that he is not against hip hop as a genre.

But he is concerned about the impact it is having on children, as stated by Vibe.

He believes the lyrics and messages in today’s hip-hop music are inappropriate.

And hip-hop negatively influences young minds.

Hip-hop music used to be about telling stories and expressing emotions.

He continued saying,

“These kids are following you guys, and you’re rapping about these f**king lifestyles… and it’s very dangerous to the communities. These little kids think that’s going on, and you didn’t even live it,”

Furthermore,“Rap is supposed to be telling muthaf**kas to go from negative to positive, coming from poverty to go to riches… and how to stay in that and how to change. That’s the sh*t that I want to hear. I wanna hear about living life… I don’t know nothing about no rappers… Only time I listen to rap is when I’m in the club.”

According to Hip Hop DX, Shmurda mentions he rather listen to reggae than hip-hop.

There is a lack of responsibility that many hip-hop artists take for the messages they promote in their music.

Artists should be held accountable for their influence on their young fans.

Instead of promoting harmful lifestyles, hip-hop artists should promote positive aspects of the culture.

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On Hip Hop’s Influence on Children

Shmurda believes that hip hop’s influence on children has become a significant problem in today’s society.

He stated that many children are exposed to inappropriate content at a young age, hurting their development.

Shmurda believes that parents need to take responsibility for monitoring what their children listen to and watch.

Shmurda also called on the hip-hop industry to take responsibility for its influence on children.

Because of all the negativity in hip-hop, Shmurda has decided to step away allegedly.

At least until the industry begins to promote more positive messages.

Hopefully, the powers that be will be more mindful of its music is impact on young minds.

Especially since hip-hop music has the power to do great things, but it needs to be used responsibly.


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