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Rick Ross Beef With DJ Envy Heats Up

Rick Ross Beef With DJ Envy Heats Up

Rick Ross Beef With DJ Envy Heats Up. Rick and Envy are celebrities trading insults about their car shows. And an all-out war has ensued.

Is There An End In Sight For The Feud With Rick & Envy?

Rick Ross Feud With DJ Envy Heats Up.

How did this issue get this far?

I thought Rick was at least cordial with Envy. However, it is not the case.

Both Rick and Eny have upcoming car shows. And, for some reason, Rick and Envy compared their car shows.

First off, Rick said, allegedly, Envy “was never on my level.”

That particular conversation took place on an episode of “Drink Champs.”

Envy allegedly criticized Rick’s inability to obtain a permit from Fayetteville for his car show.

Then Rick said,

“Since we on our car show, DJ Envy, you’ll never be on my level,” Rick Ross began. “For one, you do car shows with rappers and my dead homies. So what you doing in Memphis, that’s for Dolph and I believe Dolph legacy should live on but make sure every penny you make, you donate to Dolph family. “

It just got worst from that point.

Now, the two are going back and forth, word for word. They started comparing whose car show was better.

At first, it looked like friendly banter.

But then things turned for the worst. Rick jumped on social media and dissed Envy.

In the video, Rick asked Envy to follow him as he gave a tour of his mansion.

As Rick walked through his home, he insinuated that Envy could allegedly clean his floors.

It was a direct hit towards Envy. From that point on, the feud ignited, as stated by Vibe.

Each has traded insult after insult.

To the point where Envy dared to wear a security guard suit on his podcast “The Breakfast Club.”

I’ve been following the story closely; from my point of view, it’s childish.

This disrespectful behavior showcased a sense of entitlement and disregard for others’ boundaries.

This behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated, regardless of who the person is.

Does it matter whose car show is better?

Furthermore, neither Rick nor Envy is setting an example for younger celebrities.

Not to mention, if you are trading insults, at least leave family out of it.

I think they should apologize. After all, this issue started over car show comparisons.

You guessed it. The feud between Rick and Envy may worsen before it gets better.

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