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Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Tracks Allegedly Targets Drake & J.Cole

Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Tracks Allegedly Targets Drake & J.Cole

Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Tracks Allegedly Target Drake & J. Cole. One of the most influential and talented rappers in the music industry, Kendrick Lamar, has recently been making waves with his targeted diss tracks. Known for his lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities, Lamar has used his platform to address various issues within the hip-hop community. His latest diss track has stirred controversy and sparked discussions among fans and fellow rappers alike.

Kendrick Lamar’s Latest Diss Track Targets J. Cole & Drake

Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Tracks Allegedly Targets Drake & J. Cole.

In his latest diss track, Kendrick Lamar allegedly aimed at Drake and J. Cole. With clever wordplay and sharp rhymes, Lamar delivers scathing critiques.

The track showcases Lamar’s rapper skills and solidifies his place as bold and fearless. According to Kendrick participated on,

“Rapper Future and music producer Metro Boomin dropped their anticipated joint album “We Don’t Trust You” on Friday, featuring artists including Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, and Kendrick Lamar.”

It appears Kendrick reignited his beef with Drake. However, we were not aware Kendrick had issues with J. Cole. But it is obvious something went wrong, as Kendrick gets everything off his chest, as Complex stated.

Forbes reports fascinating information about the alleged decade-long feud with Drake.

Kendrick seems to clap back on his new song, ‘Like That,’ which dropped recently. Here are some of the lyrics:

“Yeah, get up with me, f– sneak dissing/ ‘First Person Shooter’/ I hope they came with three switches,” ,

then goes on to say,“think I won’t drop the location/ I still got PTSD, motherf– the big three, it’s just big me,” which may be in reference to a line on “First Person Shooter” in which Cole refers to Lamar, Drake and himself as the “big three”

Apparently, this is in response to a diss track by Drake and J. Cole titled ‘First Person Shooter.’ In the song, Drake claims that J. Cole and Kendrick are the ‘big three.’

It does seem a bit weird because Drake and Lamar have collaborated on several songs. That is why it is so surprising to see this situation unravel.

Is it possible that Kendrick is not pleased with Drake’s new collaboration with J. Cole? Or is this a way to stay relevant? Often rappers act as though they are beefing.

Only to find out it was all for publicity.  Perhaps, this is the case in this alleged ongoing feud.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

kendrick disses j cole and drake

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