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Rapper Rollie Bands Shot And Killed

Rapper Rollie Bands Shot And Killed

Rapper Rollie Bands Shot And Killed. Over the weekend, rapper Rollie Bands was murdered. Apparently, he invited his enemies to his house in a fit of rage.

Rollie Bands Killed In Tampa

Rapper Rollie Bands Shot And Killed. According to sources, an upcoming Florida rapper was shot and killed over the weekend. Interestingly, he took to Instagram to put his enemies on high alert.

The rapper explained how several people know where to find him. Mostly if they wanted smoke with him, this was their invitation to show it. It’s not clear how serious he was about calling out his “opps.”

However, he shared this in his Instagram story:

“A lot of these niggas know where I live at fr. I sleep in peace. If a nigga want smoke I’m at my crib in 5 minutes.”

Sadly, less than 15 minutes later a gunman arrived and opened fire. Following the shooting, deputies from the Hillsborough County Sheriff office began investigating a murder.

Importantly, the tragedy took place at an apartment complex on Bruce B Downs Boulevard. Unsurprisingly, the suspects fled the scene. Bands was taken into the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Authorities believe the perpetrator personally knew the Tampa rapper. Also, they’re not at liberty to release any names at the time.

Here’s a statement from the sheriffs’ department:

“At this time, the shooting does not appear random, as the suspects and victim are possibly known to each other.”

Sadly, New York rapper Pop Smoke experienced a similar situation. After mistakenly sharing his Los Angeles location, a gunman approached the scene and killed him also.

Unfortunately, the young rapper allowed the street life to consume him. He leaves behind a daughter. Of course, we hope the family receives justice for their unfortunate loss.

As always, stay tuned while the story unfolds.

Rollie Bands

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