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Monica and Ty Dolla $ign Talking ‘Friends’

Monica and Ty Dolla $ign Talking ‘Friends’

Monica taps Ty Dolla $ign in her new track, Friends. And fans are loving the way she’s bringing the ’90s vibe back.

Monica And Ty Dolla $ign Shine In New Single, ‘Friends’

Monica brings Ty Dolla $ign as the featured artist with her in the new single, Friends.

The single is a part of the singer/rapper/actress‘ upcoming album, Trenches.

And it’s the third single so far to precede the new album.

Opening with a dance sequence in the desert of California, the 41-year-old R&B singer and Ty collaborate beautifully.

When speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the singer said –

“You know what I did this time, I went back to the idea I had in the beginning, which was just to make music about living life and the things that happen in life. “We’ve all experienced so much over the last couple of years and this album is really indicative of the struggle of it, the love of it, the triumph of it, because you know I don’t believe in being the victim. I’m the victor.”

You can see the visual for yourself below, but first, check out some of the lyrics

[Verse 1: Monica]
I got friends, baby, just like you (Just like you)
But they don’t understand it (Understand), what we’re going through (What we’re going through)
We can go back and forth, that’s all we do (That’s all we do)
just me and you (Just me and you)
I got your back, yeah (I got your back)
You got my front, yeah (You got my front)
That’s how we love (That’s how we love)
We do what we want (We do what we want)
They don’t notice all the little things (Notice all the little things)
In everything you do (In everything you do)

[Verse 2: Ty Dolla $ign]
Okay, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Now we on the same page, woah
We don’t ain’t gotta talk ’bout this no more
It ain’t even worth it for you, to be upset
Times like this we’ll regret
Don’t say that you’re over it, oh
Oh, oh
Bullshit tryna be shit, if we let it
Just gonna love you more than a little bit, and I meant it
Look you in your eyes when we made love and I was sincere, oh, oh, oh, oh
I love you, darling
Know I love you, baby
Just for bein’ you
You, oh

Now watch the official music video for Monica and Ty Dolla $ign in Freinds

Monica has never deviated from her signature style, she always keeps it real.

And fans are singing her praises once again.

Trenches, Monica’s 9th studio album, is set to debut this Fall via MonDeenise Music Inc.

Until then, you can catch up with our girl at one of her scheduled events, as listed on her website.

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