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Meek Mill Engages In Feud With Rapper Wale

Meek Mill Engages In Feud With Rapper Wale

Meek Mill Engages In Feud With Rapper Wale.  The Philadelphia rapper, known for his intense lyrics and energetic performances, recently was embroiled in a heated feud with fellow rapper Wale. The clash between the two artists has caused a stir in the hip-hop community, with fans and industry insiders eagerly following the developments.


Meek Mill and Wale Clash in Heated Feud

Meek Mill Engages In Feud With Rapper Wale.

A feud between Meek Mill and Wale has escalated, with both rappers exchanging words on social media. Philadelphia’s native son responded to a photo of Wale and rapper Ant Glizzy.

Meek and Ant Glizzy are no longer extended friends. When Meek saw his former Maybach Music group compadre with Ant Glizzy, all hell broke loose.

In other words, Meek was not happy about Wale and Ant Glizzy hanging out. According to UpRoxx, Wale was interviewed by Akademiks, and his name was mentioned.

Obviously, Akademiks was trying to start a beef between Meek and Wale. As usual, Akademiks was messy. It looks like Wale did nothing to stop Akademiks’ campaign of allegedly bashing Meek.

As the feud gained traction in the media and on social platforms, Meek Mill and Wale thing began to unravel.

Rap beef is always a hot topic of discussion in hip-hop. Mainly, because social media tends to magnify negative situations.

We hope that this feud between Meek and Wale comes to an end. I really don’t see the point in firing shots back and forth. If you don’t see eye to eye, go your separate ways.

Why would two grown men beef over something so trivial, especially when they could be in the studio collaborating? Wouldn’t it be better to do a diss song?

You see how well Benzino’s diss has done on the music charts. Nevertheless, this beef is food for the fodder. Wouldn’t you agree?

Check out the video below for more commentary.

meek mill vs wale

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