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Lil Baby Disses Gunna in New Track

Lil Baby Disses Gunna in New Track

Lil Baby Disses Gunna in New Track. Two of the most prominent names in the Atlanta rap scene are beefing. The two rappers who were once friends are not at odds.

Lil Baby Takes Shots at Gunna in Latest Track

Lil Baby Disses Gunna in New Track.

A new snippet has surfaced, and Lil Baby appears to diss Gunna.

The track “I Know Slime Ain’t Happy” has gone viral.

On the track, Lil Baby says, “Pussy n-ggas taking pleas/I know Slime ain’t happy.”

The line seems to take a direct shot at Gunna.

Who took a plea agreement in his case with Young Thug, as stated by Hip Hop DX.

The beef between the two rappers has heated up recently.

As I mentioned, many fellow rappers are dissing Gunna for taking a plea deal.

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Listen to the new track, and see if Lil Baby is throwing shade at Gunna.

Feud Between Lil Baby and Gunna Escalates

Some fans think Lil Baby has jumped the gun.

Especially since we don’t have all the details of Young Thug’s case.

Nevertheless, Gunna is taking a lot of heat since he has been freed, as stated by American Song Writer.

Nor do we. Know if Gunna said something incriminating against Young Thug.

But the line in Lil Baby’s new snippet does appear to be aimed at Gunna.

So far, Gunna has not said anything publicly about the issue.

Although, Gunna has been putting out new music.

The feud seems to be escalating with each passing day.

Sadly, the former friends are now at odds.

Fans are left wondering if the two rappers will ever make amends.

However, it’s worth noting that rappers often use disses to generate buzz for their music.

This may very well be the case.

Perhaps, this could be just another tactic to get people talking.

Whatever the reason, Lil Baby’s diss towards Gunna has undoubtedly caught the attention of the rap community.

With Lil Baby taking a direct shot at Gunna in his latest track, the feud seems far from over.

Whether this is just a ploy to generate buzz or if there is a genuine rift between the two rappers remains to be seen.

However, one thing is sure: the Atlanta rap scene will closely monitor any developments between Lil Baby and Gunna.

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