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Beef Erupts Talib Kweli Vs Consequence

Beef Erupts Talib Kweli Vs Consequence

Beef Erupts Talib Kweli Vs Consequence. Here is some more fallout concerning Kanye. The NY rappers are in a war of words.

Kanye West Controversy Heats Up In The Hip-Hop Community

Beef Erupts Talib Kweli Vs Consequence. Apparently, the beef started on Instagram. For some reason, they went back and forth about Kanye. It was because of Kanye’s”White Lives Matter” t-shirt.

According to XXL Mag, Mos Def and Talib were allegedly mocking Kanye’s t-shirt. In fact, Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def wore the controversial t-shirt. However, it read”White Lies Matter.”

And, Consequence allegedly took offense to it. Consequence has shown his support for  Kanye aka Ye. Obviously, Talib does not support Ye. This was clear after he allegedly hit him up in his DM’s.

Furthermore, they both fired shots at one another.  Talib seemed to be trolling Consequence in the comment section. Also, Consequence mentioned Talib wanted to interview him. But he did not take the interview.

Possibly, this may have ignited the beef. Take a look at the caption below,


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A post shared by Consequence (@constv)

From what I can gather, Consequence was allegedly asked to appear on “People’s Party Podcast.” Even though, Talib seems to deny it.

Having said this, Consequence appeared to call Mos Def and Talib”Clout Chasers.” In other words, Consequence believes Talib wants to allegedly benefit from Ye’s controversy. 

Be that as it may, both men have not relented. So far, Mos Def has not commented.  Talib and Mos Def are considered to be conscience Afrocentric rappers.

Mos Def and Talib have worked on projects such as, “Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star.” In addition, both Talib and Mos Def have been known to speak out about police brutality, as reported by Wiki.

On the other hand, rapper Consequence is better known for creating music with Ye. In fact, he was with Ye’s GOOD music label along with Columbia Records.

In addition, Consequence created music with “A Tribe Called Quest.”  Last but not least, Consequence was a regular on the reality TV”Love & Hip Hop: New York.

At any rate, the beef between Talib and Consequence may get worst. We will keep you posted. SMH!

consequence v talib

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