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The Real (current) King of New York Rap

The Real (current) King of New York Rap

What is the “King of New York Rap”?

New York is known as the capital of hip hop, with many legendary talents coming out of the state, with all of them making significant changes to the genre and community. But who is King of New York rap? For example, The Notorious B.I.G and Jay – Z are legendary rappers that are considered to be the top 5 best of all time. Because of the greatness coming out of the state constantly, the argument of who “The King of New York Rap” is has continued forever.

The criteria for this status, however, is highly debated, with many saying that the most popular rapper in the state deserves the title. In contrast, some say that the crown should be inherited when a new great talent is discovered in the state. Personally, I’m on the opposing side. I think that people like Cardi B, Rich the Kid, and especially TEKASHI69 shouldn’t even be considered for inheriting the crown.

Who do I think is the best New York rapper right now?

Tekashi69 is, in my opinion, the least respectable rapper right now. He is one of the few people that I have absolutely no respect for and I believe that he is a poison to hip hop. I think that his music is terrible, and the people that listen to it religiously have a terrible taste in music. I hate every aspect of his music, ranging to the way he raps, to the basis of the songs, to the elements of his music. Other than that, he’s LITERALLY A PEDOPHILE. He plead guilty to using a child in sexual performance. I seriously don’t think there is any reason to like him as a person, or his music.

Many people say that 69 is the King of New York rap because of his extraordinary commercial success. With each of his recent projects being featured on the Billboard Top 100, he is by far the most successful and popular rapper in New York right now. I couldn’t care less about these stats. It doesn’t matter about how successful a rapper is, it is their talent that determines if they are better than another rapper. I think that Joey Bada$$ is the best rapper in New York right now.

Who is Joey Bada$$?

Joey Bada$$ is a rapper that I think is notoriously slept on. He gets his inspiration from 90’s hip hop (which is my favorite sub-genre of hip hop), and because of the way he utilizes this style in his rhymes and beats, makes me think that he is extremely slept on. Just to prove my point, listen to one of my favorite Joey Badass songs, Hillary $wank:

What Makes Joey Bada$$ the King of New York Rap?

The big thing that separates Joey Bada$$ between Tekashi 69 are his beats, style of rap, and lyricism. I personally think that lyricism is one of the greatest parts of what makes a song good. It adds depth to a song. it adds something to think about while listening to a song and after listening to one. Also, one of the biggest things in rap that irks me is repetitiveness in songs. For example, Tekashi 69’s song mainly focus on the same topic. Gang violence, drugs, and guns. There is no depth in his music.

If you are listening to a song of his, you may be automatically put off because of the lyrics or his rapping style, which consists of him screaming into a mic. I’d understand if someone chooses to listen to his music to get turned up. But, other than that, I see absolutely no reason to listen to someone screaming into your ear for 3 minutes. The thing about Joey Badass’s music is that his music has more than one topic. Sometimes, you choose to listen to his music as a chill, hip hop background, or you listen to it to get turned up.

Anyways, my point is, as opposed to 6ix9ine, Joey Badass makes music that has more than one meaning. His music videos aren’t filled to the brim with crips or bloods and have guns in them constantly, he can and has rapped about more than one topic.

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