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Jay-Z And Jack Dorsey Launch A Bitcoin Academy

Jay-Z And Jack Dorsey Launch A Bitcoin Academy

Jay-Z And Jack Dorsey Launch A Bitcoin Academy. Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter is no stranger to making business moves. Now, he’s showing the next generation how important financial literacy is.

Jay-Z And Jack Dorsey Partnership

Jay-Z And Jack Dorsey Launch A Bitcoin Academy. You might know Jack Dorsey as the founder of Twitter and Block Inc.Well, the businessman and philanthropist recently partnered with Grammy-winning rapper Jay-Z to launch a crypto-financial literacy program.

This time, they’re teaching members of the Brooklyn community the ins and outs of Bitcoin through their Bitcoin Academy. Ultimately, this academy is exclusive to residents of the Marcy Housing Projects.

Importantly, Carter grew up in Marcy. So, it’s only fitting to want to give something back to the community. The classes are offered both online and in person. Also, those who attend can look forward to having dinner provided at each class.

Additionally, they’ll receive smartphones with data plans and MiFi (hotspot) devices. Not to mention, the Crypto Kids Camp is in place for the children of Marcy to attend for two Saturdays.

Gloria Carter, mother of Jay-Z had this to say about the decision to launch the program:

“Everyone should be empowered to make informed financial decisions in order to take care of themselves and their families.”

Jay-Z Bitcoin Academy Starts Soon

Regarding the classes, they run over the Summer from June 22nd through September 7th. Essentially, this gives the children of Marcy something to look forward to this Summer.

Importantly, the classes offered are What is Money, What Is Cryptocurrency?, What is Blockchain?, and How to Keep Yourself Safe from Scammers.

Furthermore, Miss Carter explained the importance of leading the community in the right direction.

“The Shawn Carter Foundation has always been about providing educational access and opening doors of opportunity to underserved communities. No one should be left out or behind. We truly appreciate the partnership with Block and Jack Dorsey to bring financial, specifically bitcoin education to the Marcy residents, where I spent many years raising my family.”

All in all, the Bitcoin Academy is funded by Shawn Carter and Jack Dorsey.

It’s also a collaboration between Black Bitcoin Billionaire and Crypto Blockchain Plug.

Carter and Dorsey are hopeful to expand the academy to other neighbors in due time. Jay-Z continues to remind us why he’s the G.O.A.T

Jay-Z Jack Dorsey

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