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Byron Allen Strikes Back: Sues McDonald’s for $100M

Byron Allen Strikes Back: Sues McDonald’s for $100M

Byron Allen Strikes Back: Sues McDonald’s for $100M. The media industry is no stranger to battles for justice and equality. Byron Allen, a prominent media mogul, is again on the front line of such a legal battle.

Byron Allen Takes on McDonald’s in $100M Lawsuit.

Byron Allen Strikes Back: Sues McDonald’s for $100M.

The CEO of Entertainment Studios Inc. is not new to legal battles.

He has fought for justice and equality for minority-owned media companies for years.

In his latest lawsuit against McDonald’s, Allen claims that the fast-food giant has a long-standing practice of racial discrimination.

As it relates to Black-owned media companies.

In this case, the lawsuit alleges McDonald’s spends less than 0.5% of its advertising budgets on Black-owned media companies.

McDonald’s vowed to work with numerous Black-owned media, as stated by Black Enterprise.

But they have failed to keep their commitment, as stated by Afrotech.

For some reason, the billion-dollar food chain did not spend 2% of a billion-dollar budget with Black -Owned media.

Even though Black consumers comprise a significant portion of the company’s customer base.

McDonald’s has allegedly refused to do business with Allen’s Entertainment Studios Inc. company.

Also, Allen claims McDonald’s has not lived up to the end of their bargain because of his race.

According to Allen, this is a clear violation of civil rights laws.

He says he has repeatedly tried to meet with McDonald’s executives to discuss the issue.

It has been to no avail.

On the other hand, McDonald’s claims,

On the other end, McDonald’s claims it’s been doing the opposite of what Allen alleges.

“Byron Allen files baseless lawsuits as part of a public smear campaign against our company to try to line his pockets,” McDonald’s shared in a statement, according to the outlet.

“We will not be coerced by these ‘in terrorem’ [legal] tactics and will defend ourselves vigorously.”

Now, that is interesting.

Despite McDonald’s claims, Allen is moving forward with the lawsuit.

Not only that, he continues to say, McDonald allegedly refused to engage in meaningful discussions.

Be that as it may, we will patiently wait to see the outcome.

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