Daily Archives: December 12, 2016


Golden Globe Snubs “Power” 50 Cent is Livid!

The Golden Globes snubs the series “Power” for an award and 50 Cent pops off for not giving them props. Don’t worry 50, you got it on lock!!! For more Hip Hop Entertainment News go to our YouTube channel, Hip Hop ...

Juelz Santana Wanted In New Jersey| Throwback

TMZ reports that there is a warrant out for his arrest. He did not pay his child support money. He owes a WHOLE lot of money…Click the video below for more information! For more Hip Hop Entertainment News, go to ...

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj Finally Break Up For Good?|Throwback

The breakup rumors are ridiculous! Meek and Nicki are trying to have a healthy relationship and there are people out there wanting them to fall. So, don’t believe the hype, the rumors are not true, they are fine. For more ...