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No. I.D and Rhymefest Partner With The Warriors

No. I.D and Rhymefest Partner With The Warriors

No. I.D and Rhymefest Partner With The Warriors. No. I.D. is hands down one of the best producers of his time. Now, along with Rhymefest, he’s partnered with the Warriors.

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No. I.D and Rhymefest Partner With The Warriors. In April, the Golden State Warriors announced its entertainment company, Golden Star Entertainment.

Essentially, it’s an affiliate company that will create original content. Grammy-winning writer and rapper Rhymefest will also create original music under GSE.

So, their goal is to tell fascinating stories that merge sports and entertainment.

For example, GSE intends to produce film works, and collaborate with music artists on marketing opportunities.

Furthermore, they’ll host events for the Bay Area culture.

Ultimately, we’re about to witness the two worlds collide and produce something major.

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Chicago producer No. I.D. sounds elated to be the in-house producer. As well as being, Creative and Strategic Advisor.

Here’s his response about his new position.

“I’m thrilled to collaborate with Golden State Entertainment and its Chief Business Officer, my long-time friend, David Kelly, on this exciting new venture.”

Also, he expressed his high hopes for intertwining the respective worlds.

“We are on the cusp of something truly special and I look forward to discovering new ways to bridge the worlds of content, sports, entertainment and technology.”

Also, Warriors Chief Legal Officer, David Kelly raps under the name Capital D. He had this to say:

“Audiences demand compelling content that speaks to them on a visceral level. With the launch of Golden State Entertainment, we are excited to create content that celebrates the nuances of our experiences as athletes, artists, and members of diverse communities in ways that not only entertain, but hopefully create opportunities for learning and deep engagement.”

Ultimately, this could be a great move for the Warriors, the Bay Area, and entertainment altogether. What do you think of this merger?

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