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Nas Launches ‘Paid In Full Foundation’ For Hip Hop Pioneers

Nas Launches ‘Paid In Full Foundation’ For Hip Hop Pioneers

Nas Launches’ Paid In Full Foundation’ For Hip Hop Pioneers. Nasir Jones, the legendary rapper and hip-hop icon, has recently launched the ‘Paid in Full Foundation’ to provide hip-hop pioneers with financial support and healthcare assistance. This foundation aims to give back to the artists who laid the foundation for the genre and have not received the recognition and support they deserve. Through the ‘Paid in Full Foundation,’ Nas hopes to ensure these pioneers can live comfortably and obtain the necessary healthcare.

Nas New Foundation Provides Financial Support for Hip-Hop Pioneers

Nas Launches’ Paid In Full Foundation’ For Hip Hop Pioneers.

Known for his thought-provoking lyrics and powerful storytelling, Nas gives back.

According to BET, Nas has partnered with Steve Stoute, Ben, Felicia, & Andreessen Horowitz.

This group of people has formed a foundation to support hip-hop veterans.

Especially those who have not gotten the support they deserve.

In fact, ‘Paid in Full’ will provide healthcare and other support.

Also, PIF has started an award show, “Hip-Hop Grand Master.”

Through this award show, iconic rappers such as Rakim and Scarface will be recognized.

In doing so, 100% of the event’s proceeds will go into a fund.

This fund will take the money from pioneers needing financial support.

Sadly, many rappers did not make money at the beginning of the rap genre.

The money that today’s rappers make for shows and extra has made them rich.

However, many rappers in the early years signed so-called “360 Slave Deals.”

Unfortunately, those 360 deals provided limited money to artists.

And record labels benefited from the artist’s likeness and merchandise.

In some cases, some artists did not have rights to their masters.

So, Nas and this team of people thought it necessary to assist.

He along with the other co-founders has taken steps toward supporting his fellow hip-hop pioneers.

As we mentioned earlier, some pioneers faced financial hardships over the years.

Many artists struggled to make ends meet and could not capitalize on their early success.

The ‘Paid in Full Foundation’ seeks to address these issues by offering financial support to these artists.

Helping them secure a stable livelihood, and ensuring their contributions are acknowledged and valued.

By giving back to those who have paved the way for the current generation of hip-hop artists.

Nas sets an example for others in the industry to recognize and value the contributions of the pioneers.

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