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G Herbo & Dion’s Help Chicago Residents

G Herbo & Dion’s Help Chicago Residents

G Herbo & Dion’s Help Chicago Residents. They have partnered to combat food insecurity.

G Herbo Give Back In A Big Way

G Herbo & Dion’s Help Chicago Residents. The Swervin’Through Stress initiative is going to provide 50,000 pounds of fresh food.

According to The Source, citizens in the Chicago metropolitan area will receive food.

In other words, G Herbo along with Dion’s Chicago Dream are working to make it happen. In a lot of inner cities there are food disparities.

For this reason, providing food to assist those in need is great. Because G Herbo is a Chicago native he wanted to help.

Dion Dawson shared his thoughts about the partnership,

“I’m honored that G Herbo – a fellow Chicago native and one of my favorite rappers – has decided to partner with us. G Herbo doesn’t just sound good, he does good. As a result of his support, the Dion’s Chicago Dream movement will reach an additional 500 Chicagoland residents and move them from food-insecure to food-secure,” said Dion’s Chicago Dream Founder Dion Dawson. “G Herbo sees the impact our organization provides, and agrees that reliable access to fresh, healthy produce is essential to stabilizing critical needs.”

In response G Herbo had this to say,

“This partnership with Dion’s Chicago Dreams make sense for the city,” said G Herbo. “Making sure the community is fed is the first step to healing.”

Chicago’s Dion Dream movement is proud to work with G Herbo. Also, it is possible to provide at least $1000 each year for each household.

Certainly, this a great partnership. Especially since, so many are in need.

Not to mention, some inner city residents do not have access to fresh produce.

In addition, Dion’s Chicago Dream has a website that receives donations.

Equally important, helping other is a good way for G Herbo to avoid trouble.

Above all, this initiative can help to re-establish G Herbo’s alleged checkered past. Unfortunately, G Herbo has been in trouble with the law.

Having shared this, I hope other celebrities will do the same. In other words, when you have money there is a lot you can do.

Especially as it relates to giving back to those who are less fortunate.

By the way, Dion’s Chicago Dreams organization have created financial, physical and emotional stability for Chicago’s residents.

There efforts to combat food insecurity has been very successful.

g herbo and dions

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