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Russell Simmons’ Father’s Day Fiasco With Kimora & Aoki

Russell Simmons’ Father’s Day Fiasco With Kimora & Aoki

Russell Simmons’ Father’s Day Fiasco With Kimora & Aoki. Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons was recently criticized by his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons. Then their daughter Aoki Lee Simmons went live on her IG to blast him.

Russell Simmons’ Father’s Day Event Goes Wrong

Russell Simmons’ Father’s Day Fiasco With Kimora & Aoki.

Simmons was not expecting what happened to him on Father’s Day.

However, his daughters Aoki & Ming gave tributes to their mother, Kimora.

Afterward, Kimora and Ioka went in on Russell hard.

Ming Lee Simmons put this in her caption,

“Happy Father’s Day 🤍,” Ming Lee, 23, wrote via her Instagram Story on Sunday, June 19, alongside a throwback photo of her and her mom, 48, walking the runway during a Baby Phat fashion show.”

Then Simmons responded with a cryptic message, as stated by Us Weekly.

“Stop telling fathers they should have fought harder to see their children and start asking mothers why he had to fight at all,”

From that point on, a firestorm erupted from both Kimora and Aoki.

On Monday, Aoki posted a series of heated messages on her Instagram page.

Kimora followed Aoki with her account of Simmon’s alleged lack of parenting to make matters worse.

Father’s Day Debacle With Russell Simmons & Daughters?

It appears this family feud has been going on for some time.

But we were not aware of any of this.

Especially since the Simmon’s daughters have never publicly said anything negative about their Father.

These latest developments give us a different picture of the family.

The allegations made by Kimora and Aoki are alarming.

At this point, Simmons may need to seek some professional help.

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Furthermore, it may not be a bad idea for all of the family to seek counseling.

TMZ reports Simmons denies the allegations against him.

Although, Simmons has likely fallen out with his daughters.

Otherwise, we would not hear about their issues with him on social media.

Nevertheless, the Simmons have aired their issues for the world to see.

At this point, there is no reconciliation in sight.


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