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Fat Joe Establishes Relief Fund For Haitian Families

Fat Joe Establishes Relief Fund For Haitian Families

Fat Joe Establishes Relief Fund For Haitian Families. In a heartwarming display of generosity, renowned rapper Fat Joe recently established a relief fund to assist needy Haitian families. The devastating unrest that now exists in Haiti is catastrophic for families in the country. So, Fat Joe has partnered with Zoey Dollaz to provide food for the poor in the region. This relief includes food and essential supplies for Haitians.

Joe Establishes Relief Fund For Haitian Families

Known for his philanthropic efforts and commitment to giving back to the community, Fat Joe hopes to use his platform and influence to rally support and raise awareness about the crisis.

This new initiative will attempt to assist Haiti in providing all the necessary items to recover. According to BET, Fat Joe shared this,

“My heart goes out to all the Haitians that are suffering because of this humanitarian crisis. We need everyone’s support with this.”

With many of his family members living in Haiti, Fat Joe gives his all to support.

Haitian Rapper Zoey Dollaz Partners With Fat Joe

Hip Hop DX states a partnership with Haitian-born rapper Zoey Dollaz is needed. Sadly, news reports have not focused on the crisis in Haiti. It is so important to get the message out.

Therefore, Fat Joe and Zoey Dollaz use their platform to keep awareness.

There have been three years of civil unrest in the island nation. Prime Minister Ariel Henry stepped down from his position as of April 25th. From that point on, there has been utter chaos.

In case you don’t remember, Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moise, was assassinated in July 2021.  As mentioned earlier, civil unrest has escalated, with more than 4000 inmates escaping prisons.

By providing much-needed financial aid, supplies, and support services, the fund seeks to alleviate those affected’ immediate hardships.

Continuing to shed light on the dire situation, Fat Joe hopes to enlist the support of the hip-hop community.

As the relief fund grows and expands its reach, it serves as a beacon of hope for Haitian families. Striving to rebuild and recover from the devastation they have faced.

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