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AC Mayor Marty Smalls And Wife Face Child Abuse Allegations

AC Mayor Marty Smalls And Wife Face Child Abuse Allegations

AC Mayor Marty Smalls And Wife Face Child Abuse Allegations. The city of Atlantic City was shocked to learn that their Mayor and his wife have been charged with teen daughter abuse. The allegations are troubling and have sparked a major investigation into the matter. This scandal has left the community reeling and questioning the integrity of their local leadership.

Atlantic City Mayor and Wife Charged

AC Mayor Marty Smalls And Wife Face Child Abuse Allegations.

Marty Small Sr. and his wife La’Quetta are being charged with physically and emotionally abusing their teen daughter. These allegations came forward after an FBI raid on his home.

On March 28, 2024, five search warrants were executed at the Mayor’s residence. An intensive raid was conducted, and a list of items was confiscated.

CBS News stated that this list included cellphones and laptops, and both his and his wife’s cars were searched.  Mayor Smalls, his wife, family, and attorney held a press conference on Monday, April 1, 2024.

While addressing the press, it was revealed that a family matter sparked the investigation. At the time, many thought Mayor Smalls had allegedly done something political to cause the raid.

His attorney, Ed Jacobs, said

“he would not “respond to any specific factual allegations.” “We’re not here to try a case that has not been brought.”

But Mayor Smalls, who gave his perspective on why his residence was raided,

“We did not deserve that,” the mayor said. “I had nothing to hide.”

“Let me get into the politics of it: It is political and it is racial, because people don’t like the fact that this mayor is giving minorities opportunities that they’ve never had in City Hall ever before,”

It’s been at least two weeks since the FBI and police raid on his home.

Allegations Of Abusing Their Teen Daughter

Yesterday, on April 15, 2024, news of the abuse claims hit the news.

Many of us are shocked by the allegations against Atlantic City’s mayor. According to new reports, Mayor Smalls allegedly hit his teen daughter multiple times. At one point, he reportedly struck her with a broom.

During another incident, Mayor Smalls allegedly threatened his daughter by saying he would throw her downstairs. Some of the allegations are very disturbing.

To make matters worse, allegedly, La’Quetta smacked and pulled their teen daughters’ hair. These incidents occurred in December 2023 and January 2024, as stated by Yahoo News.

At the time, the teen reported the incidents to someone in school. Many believe it was Atlantic City school principal Constance Days-Chapman.

Constance Days- Chapman is being charged with official misconduct. Also, she was allegedly accused of obstruction of justice, hindering another, and failure to report child abuse.

Here’s the kicker: we are unsure if Chapman’s arrest is related to Smalls’s teen daughter’s incident. However, there is speculation that the incidents are related.

Chapman is a friend of both Superintendent La’Quetta and Marty, as reported by The NY Post.

It is highly possible the two incidents are connected. Otherwise, why would Mayor Small defend Chapman so adamantly?

Legal Ramifications And Investigation Updates

Mayor Smalls and his wife are being charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a child. Atlantic City prosecutor’s office said Mayor Small is also allegedly being charged with third-degree terroristic threats.

In addition, the Mayor is facing third-degree aggravated and disorderly person’s simple assault charges, and La’Quetta is being charged with a disorderly person’s simple assault. As this legal process unfolds, Mayor Smalls may resign.

The prosecutor’s office is conducting a thorough investigation. So far, Mayor Small and his attorney, Ed Jacobs, have commented. Nor has Mayor Small’s wife, La’Quetta, responded to the allegations.

This is a tragedy for the Atlantic City community. After all, Mayor Small has done a lot for the city. Sadly, these allegations could end his career.

Please remember that these are allegations that must be proven. As we often do, we will keep you all posted.

It remains to be seen how this scandal will impact the future of Atlantic City politics.

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