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The Top 12 Choices Of WNBA Draft 2024

The Top 12 Choices Of WNBA Draft 2024

The Top 12 Choices Of WNBA Draft 2024. The much-anticipated draft for the upcoming season has ended, and three standout players have emerged as the top picks: Clark, Cardozo, and Reese. These three athletes have impressed scouts and analysts with their skills and potential, making them highly sought after by teams looking to bolster their rosters. In the first round, 12 players stood out. And in this elite group were the top college players in 2024.

Top Picks in the Draft: Clark, Cardozo, & Reese

The Top 12 Choices Of WNBA Draft 2024.

Clark, Cardozo, and Reese lead the pack in the draft, three players who have shown exceptional talent and promise on the court.

Caitlin Clark, known for breaking all kinds of college basketball records, is going to The Indiana Fever WNBA team. Her impressive scoring ability and court vision made her the (N0.1) draft pick.

According to The Bleacher Report, she averaged 31.6 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 8.9 assists per game. It was an epic night for women’s sports.

Also leading the pack was the (No.2) pick Cameron Brink, who scored an average of 17.4 points and 11.9 rebounds per game. Other standout college basketball players include (N0. 3) Kamila Cardoso.

Camila led the Gamecocks to a national championship and was chosen by Chicago Sky. As the list goes on, we find (N0. 4 )Rickea Jackson, who will play for the Los Angeles Sparks.

According to SEC Sports, six of their players (Kamila Cardoso, Rickea Jackson, Angel Reese, and Marquesha Davis) were first-round picks.

Cardozo, a versatile forward with a knack for rebounding and defense, has the potential to make an immediate impact on any team.

Angel Reese Made Headline News: WNBA 2024 Draft

However, as Vibe stated, we heard Angel Reese’s name over and over again during the WNBA season, mainly because of her signing with Reebok.

She was chosen to play for The Chicago Sky. As the N0.7 draft pick, Angel’s name is popular in the media.

Angel made headline news with her alleged controversial antics during a towards Kim Mulkey. But it’s her sharpshooting abilities as a guard and dead-on precision that is a game-changer.

Jacy Sheldon (n0.5) was selected by Dallas Wings, and Aaliyah Edwards (N0.6) went to The Washington Mystics. Minnesota has selected (N0. 8) Alissa Pili.

The Dallas Wings chose (N0.9) Carla Leite from France, while (N0.10) draft pick Leila Lacan, also from France, went to Connecticut Sun.

In the (N0.11), Marquesha Davis was chosen by The New York Liberty. Last but not least was  (N0.12.) pick, Naydiew Puocho who will play for The Atlanta Dream.

Draft Leaders: Clark, Cardozo, & Reese

As the draft unfolded, it became clear that Clark, Cardozo, and Reese were the top leaders regarding talent, potential, and impact on the court.

Teams were eager to secure services and build their futures around these three dynamic players.

Clark, Cardozo, and Reese will impact the WNBA with their combination of skills, work ethic, and competitive drive.

All of the players selected in the first round have bright futures ahead. The WNBA is entering a new era of women’s basketball.

It will be exciting to see how these players develop and contribute to their respective teams in the upcoming season.

Fans and analysts alike eagerly anticipate the impact all 12 players will have on the WNBA. Watch out for the WNBA, who has added more than 12 teams to next year’s roster.

It’s a great time for women in sports as we see the best of the best.

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