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Coi Leray Named The New Face Of SNIPES

Coi Leray Named The New Face Of SNIPES

Coi Leray and SNIPES have teamed up for their new streetwear and sneaker campaign. Fans are sure to love the positive message she brings to the brand.

Coi Leray The New Face Of SNIPES New Q1 Streetwear and Sneaker Retailer

Coi Leray is starting a brand new gig.

As the face of SNIPES, the 25-year-old singer/songwriter is poised to expand on her resume.

The premier streetwear and sneaker retailer makes the announcement and is excited to have her on board.

SNIPE’s new Q1 streetwear apparel campaign will have Coi bringing her signature energy to the brand.

Partnering with SNIPES, the multi-platinum recording artist also appears in a video promoting the line.

You can see it below.

coi leray and snipes

Shown through the lens of a GTA-style game with Coi as the main character, fans take a journey with the superstar for a day in her life.

She starts off on the streets of Miami, at a Snipes 2.0 store.

From there, she candidly reflects on her path to success, giving off positive vibes with her message to fans, saying –

“Who says you can’t work hard and enjoy yourself …can’t tell me nothing. I’m a trendsetter, and I’ma do what I want. If I can’t have success on my terms…what is it really worth?”

“Every day is another chance to go get it. We all got the same 24 hours. What you choose to do with yours is on you. No matter what, I’ma always have fun. That’s really all that matters, for real.”

“No matter what happens in life…no matter the situation…I’ma always stay true to myself…always!”

Check out the video now –

Speaking on Coi, Paula Barbosa, VP of Marketing for SNIPES says this –

“Coi Leray embodies everything that SNIPES stands for – creativity, authenticity, and individuality. We are excited to collaborate with her to bring a fresh perspective to our Q1 collection, and we can’t wait for our customers to experience the unique energy that Coi brings to the brand.”

The SNIPES collection blends streetwear and fashion, including hoodies, leggings, nylon jackets, pants, and more.

Explore the brand right now online at and at all SNIPES stores.

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