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The Sizzling New Season Of OWN’s Greenleaf!!!!!



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Greenleaf is a tv show on OWN that chronicles the ups and downs, job changes, IRS issues, and the bad relationships of the Greenleafs, a Christian family of the previous Calvary Fellowship Church, now Harmony and Hope Ministries.

The Cast And Characters of Greenleaf

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Lady Mae Greenleaf- former first lady of Calvary Fellowship church, ex-wife of Bishop James Greenleaf and mother to Grace, Jacob, and Charity Greenleaf.

Mavis McCready-sister to Lady Mae Greenleaf and ex-lover of Bishop James Greenleaf

Bishop James Greenleaf-bishop of the former Calvary Fellowship Church, ex-husband of Lady Mae Greenleaf, and father of Grace, Jacob, and Charity Greenleaf.

Grace Greenleaf-oldest daughter of Bishop and Lady Mae Greenleaf

Charity Greenleaf- youngest daughter of Bishop and Lady Mae Greenleaf

Sophia Greenleaf-daughter and granddaughter of Grace and Bishop and Lady Mae Greenleaf,

Kerissa Greenleaf- wife and mother of Jacob and Zora Greenleaf

Jacob Greenleaf- only son of Bishop James and Lady Mae Greenleaf, also husband to Kerissa and father of Zora Greenleaf

Zora Greenleaf- daughter to Kerissa and Jacob Greenleaf

Noah Kendall- former security guard of the Greenleaf estate and ex-boyfriend of Grace Greenleaf

Season 4 Premiere of OWN’s Greenleaf

Season 4 of Greenleaf begins with the recovery of Bishop Greenleaf, after a heart attack and stepping down as Bishop of Calvary Fellowship Church of Lady Mae being voted out as First Lady of Calvary Fellowship Church, also Zora Greenleaf’s return from running off with her abusive, now ex-boyfriend, with Grace Greenleaf being appointed as interim pastor of the former Calvary Fellowship Church, now Harmony and Hope Ministries, and also with a bombshell phone call from her former boyfriend Noah, saying that he just received a phone call from a prisoner at a correctional facility saying that it is from their son!!!!!! So tune in for more about the Greenleaf’s problems Tuesdays on OWN!!!!!

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