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Travis Scott Donates $1 Million To HBCU Students

Travis Scott Donates $1 Million To HBCU Students

Travis Scott Donates $1 Million To HBCU Students. Travis Scott is making headlines for his contribution to HBCU students.

HBCU Student Scholarships

Travis Scott Donates $1 Million To HBCU Students. Students at Historically Black colleges are officially catching a break.

According to TMZ, the Cactus Jack Foundation is donating $1 million dollars in scholarship funds to graduating seniors.

For the second year in a row, the foundation is taking the initiative to lift financial burdens for these students.

However, there is a stipulation. The students must maintain a 3.5 GPA minimum.

So, the Wayman Webster foundation is glad to offer $10,000 to select students.

Among the HBCUs in the number are FAMU and Fisk University. Also, the foundations name is in honor of Scott’s grandfather Wayman Webster.

Grandpa Webster attended Prairie View in Texas.

Helping Students Get Over The Hump

So, Cactus Jack is dividing the million dollar investment between 100 HBCU students. What a boss move!

Especially in the midst of all the scrutiny he’s faced these past few months.

Seemingly, the intent is to help seniors who might accrue unforeseen fees at the last minute.

Furthermore, Scott’s sister Jordan Webster serves as president of the foundation.

Importantly, she recently graduated from Howard University.

Jordan had this to say about the family foundation:

“I know personally how deeply important my grandfather’s academic legacy at HBCUs is to my entire family, to Travis, as well as my twin brother Josh who is at Prairie View A&M University. And now, to 100 people that Travis has been able to help out at a tough time.”

Lastly, she explains the importance of making a difference.

”It means the world to me to be able to work with my brother as he creates hope and makes a real difference for our peers and their families.”

Clearly, the Webster family holds HBCUs near and dear to their heart. Of course, we love to see it.

It’s good to see Cactus Jack in good spirits and giving back to communities.

Travis Scott $1 Million

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