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Top Five Classic Eddie Murphy Movies!!!!!

Top Five Classic Eddie Murphy Movies!!!!!

Top Five Eddie Murphy Movies!!!!! Eddie Murphy is one of the best comedians to date. I am pretty sure that all of his movies could be Top Five Classic Eddie Murphy Movies, but these are my choices. He has had his own comedy tours, record breaking movie roles and now he is nominated for a Golden Globe for Netflix’s “Dolomite Is My Name”.

Eddie Murphy, Beverly Hills Cop, 1984

Beverly Hills Cop grossed $234 Million, making it the highest grossing movie of that year. He went on to make 3 other movies of the Beverly Hills franchise.

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Eddie Murphy, Coming To America, 1988

Coming To America grossed $288.8 Million. Eddie Murphy will revamped this classic movie with a “Coming To America 2”.

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Eddie Murphy, Harlem Nights, 1989

Harlem Nights grossed $95 Million. This movie also starred comedy heavyweights Redd Foxx, Della Reese, and Richard Pryor.

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Eddie Murphy, Boomerang, 1992

Boomerang grossed $131 Million. This movieĀ  also starred Robin Givens, Halle Berry, Chris Rock, and Martin Lawrence.

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Eddie Murphy, Dreamgirls, 2006

Dreamgirls grossed $154.8 Million. This movie also garnered Jennifer Hudson her first Oscar Award.

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