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Rapper T I Post A Message On IG About Ralo Arrest!!!

Rapper T I Post A Message On IG About Ralo Arrest!!!

Rapper T I post a message on IG about Ralo’s arrest. There has been a lot of thought about the selling of illegal marijuana in the US. Now that many states are making marijuana legal is it fair to penalize others who sell it illegally? Atlanta rapper Ralo has gone to jail for alleging selling illegal marijuana.

Should there be jail time for Ralo illegally selling marijuana?

Rapper Clifford Harris aka T I had a lot to say about rapper Ralo going to jail. Ralo is facing a lot of time in prison for illegally selling marijuana. But should he go to jail? Especially since marijuana is legal in many states. And, the government is now cashing in on selling the drug. Check out what T.I. had to say about the situation:

“In this day and age where dispensaries are opening up in Ga. as well as all over the rest of the country and Marijuana being a BILLION dollar/yr industry…How is it deemed fair, reasonable, or appropriate for US to be not only arrested, tried, & penalized for it, buy also Blocked out of the industry of legal growing & distribution of it? How is it ok for a white man in Oregon, Nevada, or Colorado to grow, smoke, & profit MILLIONS from Marijuana but young black man from the Westside of Atlanta who’s been nothing less than a service and a pillar to his community can be jailed & taken away from his family for allegedly doing the same thing? And don’t give me that because it’s legal Bullshit…Because WE ALL KNOW The laws of man in this country has led US astray many a time historically. The Capturing, Buying, Selling & Raping of our people was once legal. Hanging a black man, woman, or child IN PUBLIC was also once legal.

And of course, T.I. has so much more to say. How can you not agree with his opinion of what has been true throughout our entire history in the US. And, as it relates to the young rapper, Ralo going to jail, T I has a valid point. Why are African Americans held to a different standard than other Americans? There has never been an equal playing field for us, ever, across the board. Great analogy, T.I.!!!!

tip n ralo

Check out the video above for more details

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