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Slain Civil Rights Leader Malcolm X Turns 95!!!!

Slain Civil Rights Leader Malcolm X Turns 95!!!!

Slain Civil Rights Leader Malcolm X Turns 95. On the anniversary of his death we are facing similar challenges in the African American community.

Have Blacks made progress since Malcolm died?

Slain Civil Rights leader Malcolm X turns 95. The legacy of Malcolm X seems to be in the distant past. In fact, I wonder what Malcolm would think about us if he were here. Certainly, Great leaders in our community have fought tirelessly to change our conditions. And, Malcolm X was one of the greatest leaders of all time.

The Civil Rights Movement was suppose to bridge the divide between Whites and Blacks in regards to education and other disparities within our community.However, we still have certain inequalities as it relates to health issues, limited resources for housing and race relations, as reported by The Washington Post.

Not to mention, police brutality and crimes against blacks are at a all time high. Whatever happened to Black Power and empowering our people. Instead what I see is black on black crime, less housing and job opportunities. So it appears that we have not made much progress since the death of Malcolm X.

There is so much more work that has to be done within our community. Otherwise, what Malcolm, Martin Luther King and other great civil rights leaders have done to advance our people may become obsolete. If this happens we can only blame ourselves. We were suppose to pick up the torch. We need to examine our motivations. We need to remember what our ancestors have done and continue to fight the good fight of faith. Isn’t that what Malcolm would have done. By any means necessary is what Malcolm said. Let’s get it!!!!

Malcolm X

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