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Queen Latifah Makes History Again

Queen Latifah Makes History Again

Queen Latifah Makes History Again. Owens is the first female Hip Hop artist in the National Recording Registry.

Queen Latifah’s “Ladies First” Album Gets Recognition

Queen Latifah Makes History Again. New Jersey rapper Dana Owens does it again. First, Owens wrote a national anthem for women.

Her songs provide a voice for women’s empowerment.

This was never heard before in Hip Hop.

However, Owens wanted to change the trajectory of misogynistic music against women.

In a world where women are not often celebrated, Owens came through.

Owens was part of an all-girls rap group in high school, “Ladies Fresh.”

Then Owens made a demo tape that caught the attention of Tommy Boy Records.

When Owens was 18, she released her first single, “Wrath of My Madness.”

Britannica reports Owens’s “All Hail The Queen,” which was released in 1988.

Owens’s soul, reggae, and dance themes garnered her a substantial female audience.

She became a champion for women’s empowerment.

After having a very successful rap career, Owen’s transitioned into acting.

Of course, Owen’s had various parts in movies and TV.

But some of Owens’s most memorable work was in “Living Single,” “Brown Sugar,” and “Barbershop 2: Back in Business.”

Furthermore, Owens is known for her work in the movie “Chicago.”

Also, Owens’s received an Academy Award nomination for her role as Matron Mama Morton.

We could go down a list of accomplishments for Owens.

Time and time again, Owens has broken down barriers. Especially as it relates to Hip Hop.

So, when Owen received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, we applauded.

What Does This Honor Mean For Queen Latifah?

Now, it is an honor to have your music in the National Records Registry.

It is not often that Hip Hop music is celebrated in this manner.

That is why this is such a great honor. That only a few get to enjoy.

The National Recording Registry,

“is a list of sounding recordings that “are culturally, historically, or aestthetically significant, and/or reflect life in the United States”, as stated by Wiki.”

BET reports this is a massive deal for Owens.

As I mentioned, only a selective view receives this prestigious honor.

Fortunately, Dana“Queen Latifah” Owens’s music has contributed to US culture.

Her album“All Hail The Queen” also bought about women’s empowerment and pride in themselves.

Often Owen’s works have shed light on women’s issues in America.

More importantly, Owens does not only discuss women empowerment for Black women.

Her work entails equality for all women. For this reason, Owens continues to be a force within Hip Hop culture.

At the same time, she has become the quintessential entertainer.

We celebrate you, Queen Latifah.

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