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Nicki Minaj Pulled Out in Saudi Arabia but GUESS WHO’s IN!!!

Nicki Minaj Pulled Out in Saudi Arabia but GUESS WHO’s IN!!!

Nicki Minaj Pulled Out in Saudi Arabia, but guess who’s in! The hottest musical superstars in the game today are headed to Saudi Arabia right now. The event is to take place today at the King Abdullah Sports Stadium.

Nicki Minaj is out, but Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Future and Tyga Set to Perform

You may have heard about Nicki Minaj pulling out of a gig in Saudi Arabia. Even though she was offered a seven-figure payday, Minaj chose to sit this one out, according to USA Today. World Fest is advertising International Stars will participate in the music festival. Despite the backlash from Human Rights Organizations, Janet Jackson has signed on.  But she’s not the only one. Billed as One of the Biggest Music Events Ever Staged in the Middle East, along with Janet, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Future and Tyga are expected to perform. Produced for Worldwide TV Broadcast, the event is already SOLD OUT!

Due to gender segregation between single men and women being enforced in many public places in Saudi Arabia, Human Rights organizations are objecting to the artists performing there. Despite their complaints, Jeddah World Fest’s advertisement for the event states that it is open for absolutely everyone to attend…inclusive for all people.

Does Nicki Minajregret her decision to cancel? Did she drop out too soon? Or are these superstars wrong for headlining in Saudi Arabia? What do you think?

Janet Chris 50 Cent

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