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Yung Joc Refuses To Mute R. Kelly

Yung Joc Refuses To Mute R. Kelly

Yung Joc Refuses To Mute R. Kelly. One thing Yung Joc does is speak his mind. And he’s clear on where he stands regarding R. Kelly and his music. He’s not muting Kels any time soon.

Yung Joc: Why Mute R. Kelly?

Yung Joc Refuses To Mute R. Kelly. Recently, Yung Joc sat down with Vlad TV and discussed many topics.

More specifically, rather or not we should still have Robert ‘R’ Kelly in our music rotations.

The I Know You See It rapper doesn’t understand why it’s deemed unacceptable to still listen to the convicted artist within the black community.

Especially, since people like Harvey Weinstein are still receiving support in spite of their wrongdoings.

During the interview, he had this to say:

“Why is that all of his music has to be banned? Why is that?” Yung Joc asked. “Because it’s so many other people who have done things bad, been convicted for it. And their TV shows are still running or their music is still being streamed and played and sold… It’s like we get the harshest punishment, man.“

Of course, there are exceptions to the rules and Joc clarifies that some folks indeed deserve to be banned. However, Kelly’s music is too timeless and impactful to ignore.

“I’m not saying that in some cases it’s not deserved. You know, you earned that,” he continued. “I ain’t saying that. That’s not the case, but I’m just saying, we do get the harsher punishment. Because I ain’t gon’ lie, R. Kelly made some great music.”

Yung Joc Supports R. Kelly

As previously reported, Kelly’s currently serving a thirty-year sentence following years of sexual assault allegations.

At any rate, the newlywed Atlanta native stands firm on equality.

“He made some timeless music and simply because of what he’s been accused of or convicted of, I’m supposed to just not listen to this person that I grew up through my childhood to my adolescence to my adulthood? I’m not supposed to listen to this person anymore? Oh, he did something bad so I’m supposed to just clearly wipe him out of my mind? It’s like why has no one pushed for these things to happen to other offenders in the world? That’s what I want to say, because it’s just crazy to me.”

Of course, the media scrutinized Bill Cosby just as badly. Do you agree that muting R. Kelly is counterproductive? Are you still listening to R. Kelly?

Yung Joc Refuses To Mute R. Kelly

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