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Sy’rai’s Solo Sensation: ‘On My Own’ Out Now!

Sy’rai’s Solo Sensation: ‘On My Own’ Out Now!

Sy’rai is sensational in a new solo performance of her brand new music video. “On My Own” is her debut in the music industry.

Sy’rai Shines In New Single ‘On My Own’

Get ready to be blown away by the newest sensation in the music industry! Sy’rai is all grown up now and following in her famous momma’s footsteps. The young and talented baby girl of singer/songwriter/actress Brandy has released her new single ‘On My Own‘. This song showcases her vocal range, powerful lyrics, and magnetic personality that will leave you wanting more. So sit back, relax, and let this emerging R&B singer take you on a journey with her melodious voice.

You can see the video below.

Sy’rai Resonates With Fans

Sy’rai is not your average artist. Her music resonates with her fans, and they can’t get enough. Her latest release ‘On My Own’ is a prime example of her ability to captivate an audience. The song is powerful, and emotional, and draws you in from the moment you press play. Sy’rai’s voice is soulful and empowering, and it’s no surprise that she is quickly becoming a household name in the music industry.

Not only is Sy’rai’s voice captivating, but the lyrics in ‘On My Own’ are also thought-provoking and relatable. The song tells a story of a young woman who is determined to make it on her own, despite the obstacles in her way. It’s a message that many can relate to, and Sy’rai delivers it with conviction. From the first note to the last, ‘On My Own’ will leave you feeling inspired and empowered.

‘On My Own’ Making Waves

It’s finally here! Sy’rai’s latest single ‘On My Own’ is now available on all streaming platforms. The lead single comes from her upcoming debut EP, in which her mom, Brandy is the executive producer. This song is a must-listen for anyone who loves music with heart and soul. ‘On My Own’ is a testament to Sy’rai’s talent and her ability to connect with her audience. She pours her heart and soul into every note, and it’s evident in the final product.


Sy’rai and Her Mom Brandy Previously Worked Together

The mother-daughter duo previously worked together. Songs such as  “High Heels” features the talented young lady with her mom on Brandy’s B7 album. Additionally, she’s featured on Disney’s Cheaper By The Dozen soundtrack with “Nothing Without You“.

Speaking with BET, Sy’rai has this to say about where her work ethic comes from.

“I’ve seen my mom in the studio all my life and I’m a perfectionist like her so it has to sound correct. I stack like crazy – a lot of melodic, driven music because people like melodies.”

She continues –

“I have that Brandy sound that people try and get – I can do it, and it’s in my genes to be like her. Not trying to be copied, but people call me the ‘New Testament’ so people will be surprised by what I’m coming up with.”

The release of ‘On My Own’ is a significant milestone for Sy’rai, and it’s a testament to her dedication and hard work. She has poured countless hours into perfecting this song, and it shows. It’s a masterpiece that is sure to make a mark in the music industry. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and stream ‘On My Own’ today. You won’t be disappointed!

Directed by Luciano Picazo, check out the official music video now –

Sy’rai’s ‘On My Own’ is a solo sensation that you don’t want to miss. Her powerful lyrics, soulful voice, and magnetic personality make her a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. So, whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to her music, make sure to check out ‘On My Own’ today. It’s a song that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to take on the world.

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